In fact, the sales the sparkling mineral water room projected to reach 6 billion USD per year by 2021 (1).

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However, there space many species of carbonated water available, leaving human being to wonder what set these arrays apart.

This article explains the differences between club soda, seltzer, sparkling, and also tonic water.


Simply put, society soda, seltzer, sparkling, and also tonic water are different types of carbonated drinks.

However, they differ in processing techniques and included compounds. This results in various mouthfeels or flavors, i beg your pardon is why some people prefer one kind of carbonated water over another.

Club soda

Club soda is carbonated water that has actually been infused with added minerals. Water is carbonated through injecting carbon dioxide gas, or CO2.

Some mineral that space commonly added to club soda include:

potassium sulfatedisodium phosphate

The quantities of minerals added to club soda count on the brand or manufacturer. This minerals help enhance the flavor of society soda by giving it a slightly salty taste.


Like club soda, seltzer is water that has actually been carbonated. Provided their similarities, seltzer can be provided as a substitute for society soda together a cocktail mixer.

However, seltzer usually does not contain added minerals, which gives it a more “true” water taste, although this depends on the brand.

Seltzer originated in Germany, where naturally developing carbonated water was bottled and also sold. It was an extremely popular, so european immigrants brought it to the unified States.

Sparkling mineral water

Unlike club soda or seltzer, sparkling mineral water is normally carbonated. Its balloon come from a spring or well v naturally occurring carbonation.

Spring water includes a selection of minerals, such together sodium, magnesium, and calcium. However, the quantities vary based upon the resource from which the feather water to be bottled.

According come the Food and also Drug management (FDA), mineral water have to contain at the very least 250 parts per million liquified solids (minerals and also trace elements) from the resource from which it to be bottled (2).

Interestingly, the mineral content of water may change the taste significantly. It is why various brands the sparkling mineral water commonly have their own distinct taste.

Some producers further carbonate their products by adding carbon dioxide, making castle even an ext bubbly.

Tonic water

Tonic water has the most unique taste that all four beverages.

Like society soda, the carbonated water that consists of minerals. However, tonic water also contains quinine, a link isolated native the bark the cinchona trees. Quinine is what gives tonic water a bitter taste (3).

Tonic water was historically supplied to stop malaria in tropical areas in i m sorry the an illness was prevalent. Back then, tonic water contained significantly higher amounts that quinine (3).

Today, quinine is only present in little amounts to provide tonic water its bitterness taste. Tonic water is also commonly sweetened with either high furustos corn syrup or street to enhance taste (4).

This beverage is regularly used together a mixer because that cocktails, particularly those consisting of gin or vodka.

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Club soda, seltzer, sparkling, and also tonic water space all species of carbonated drinks. However, distinctions in production, and also mineral or additive content, result in distinct tastes.