Good water care is the staple of great aquarium and also betta fish care. If you look after your fish’s water so many type of troubles have the right to be avoided.

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We know that due to the amount of information out there it’s not easy and the thought of the after-effects of getting your betta fish water treatment wrong have the right to be scary.

This one-page guide will assist you answer the most widespread questions:

What type of water is ok for a betta fish?What temperature have to my water be?AndHow perform I condition and also treat my betta fish’s water?

What type of water for a betta fish?

Is Tap Water Okay?


The finest betta water temperature is between 76° and 80° F (24.5° and 26.5° C).

Consistency is essential. This have the right to be completed through a good heater for your betta fish tank and you must examine it with a thermometer consistently.

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When including brand-new water to a tank, make certain that the new water has actually the exact same temperature as what your fish is currently swimming in. Abrupt alters in temperature deserve to put your betta right into shock. A simple thermometer is invaluable right here – inspect both the tank water and also the brand-new water to make sure they match.

Betta fish water changes

Fish do all their living in the water that surrounds them. This implies that leftover food and also fish waste will certainly constantly build up, developing high ammonia, nitrite and also nitrate levels, and an unhealthy environment. Fortunately, this is basic to remedy – through water changes

How often to adjust the water

You’ll desire to execute a partial water adjust at least weekly. Using the water conditioner that you lugged home through your betta (we told you it was important!). If you are keeping your betta in a filtered tank (we REALLY think you must be) then each week readjust 15-20% of the tanks water.

Why shouldn’t I change all of my aquarium’s water? Well, tright here are actually specific amounts of helpful bacteria in your betta’s water which keeps water levels optimal for longer. You’ll desire to store some of that about. Also maintaining the majority of the original water indicates water levels and temperatures do not readjust much during the water change. Large sudden transforms in the environment such as 100% different water will stress out your fish.

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And Relax!

Here’s a re-cap of excellent betta fish water care…

Start through a conditioned tap water that has had actually chlorine and chloramine removed.Avoid the provided of distilled water – it’s actually bad for your fish.Make sure to preserve the health of your water by always utilizing a great water conditioner, prefer Seachem Prime, through eextremely water adjust.Keep the water somewright here in the range of 75-82 levels F, and avoid fluctuations by preventing places favor sunny windows and making use of a little heater.Keep your betta’s civilization totally free of contamination through a minimum of one partial water readjust a week.

Enjoy your new friend, and if you have actually any inquiries, please comment below!