\n \"All of that "Crossroads" stuff was done top top the eco-friendly Meanie,\" the guitarist says.

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During a conversation through Tone-Talk, Steve Vai looked ago on the 1986 movie \"Crossroads,\" in i m sorry he depicted Jack servant in the famed guitar-duel scene. This was additionally the scene that Nita Strauss singled out together the moment that make her want to dedicate herself to guitar playing. You have the right to read more here.

Asked about the red guitar provided in the scene, Steve replied (transcribed by UG):

\"I used Grover"s guitar on that because he provided it to me. You need to ask him because it"s another one of those points that i don"t rather remember.

\"I think what happened was - the had given me the guitar, and also I believed it was pretty cool, probably he forgot ns didn"t offer it back. That was a sparkly sort of a Jackson the he had actually either borrow me or provided me...

\"I was trying out and I thought it would be an excellent for the movie since of what ns was wearing, and it was likewise kind that red, i m sorry represented, you know, the spark devil-y sort of fires.

\"And over there was another one there which was a back-up because the guitar took a trashing, I would certainly throw it into the ground and stuff. I don"t know if I"ve ever before actually taped with it.

\"All of that "Crossroads" stuff to be done on the green Meanie . Ns may have recorded v it yet I don"t recall. And then after the filming, both of the guitars vanished.

\"And i don"t recognize what occurred to them until one of them recently emerged in a tough Rock coffee shop or a museum. I can"t remember, however it"s out there.\"


I witnessed in her room, friend still have the big... Is the a double-neck v the heart?

\"I had three the those. Two of them to be red and one that them to be purple.

\"One of them is in a difficult Rock Cafe, an additional one ns raffled off for charity, raised a most money, and some child in Sweden has it hanging in his bedroom because that $1.

\"We raised 20 grand for charity for that one, and also the other one was simply the one the I had actually as a spare if i was gonna use the various other ones - so the one ns kept.\"

If you could collection the document straight on who played the various parts in "Crossroads," that would be great...

\"During the duel step - ns played every one of the guitars other than for the slide, that was excellent by Ry Cooder. So as soon as you check out me dueling Ralph , that"s actually me.

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\"Ralph doesn"t pat the guitar, and it"s so funny, all human being throughout the year coming up to me going, "He beat you!"

\"I taught him exactly how to fake it. Actually, Arlen and also myself functioned with Ralph. Arlen functioned with Ralph for the entirety movie, ns just operated with that on that.

\"Arlen was a very vital figure in a the majority of that behind-the-scene etc stuff in the movie. So that"s the real story.\"

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