If friend love retro gaming then you"re already familiar with Nintendo"s Super game Boy. However, you might not be mindful that an updated version came out exclusively in Japan a few years later. Here, I"ll define some nifty features and also tricks to present you what it have the right to do.

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These new borders can make also Mega guy look cooler

Before us begin, exactly what is a Super video game Boy 2? To put it simply, it"s a much better version the the initial Super video game Boy. The works through any region of game and also it"s also compatible with your phibìc American super NES ~ a minor modification (more specifically, removing the tabs situated in the cartridge slot). Anyway, you"re able come play all of the same gamings as the initial which unfortunately way that game Boy shade exclusives (generally speaking, ones with clear cartridges) will not occupational with it. However, the does encompass a link port which allows you come play multiplayer games. Keep in mind; you require two duplicates of a game Boy game and also another game Boy device and a attach cable in order come play a multiplayer game. This means you"ll probably need to do some shopping to exploit the port. That being said, there space a couple of exceptions that I"ll talk about later. One more physical improvement are the LED indicators that display when it"s on and when a attach is successfully established.

The very first trick I"ll go over is the although there are new borders to replace the old ones, you deserve to still accessibility them through a code. By the way, these brand-new borders encompass Game boy circuitry, palm trees, tiles with game Boys and SNES controllers carved in, gears, a swamp, dolphins, and a coliseum. Because that the unfamiliar, the old boundaries consist the an imaginative rendering that windows, one the looks like particle board, a lovely small cabin in the woods, the standard movie theater, cats, pencils, and some M.C. Escher-like stairs. Besides these, both versions share a couple of boundaries which incorporate a generic video game Boy one (that different in appearance) and also a simple black framework to help you emphasis on the game. Anyway, to switch between the 2 sets of borders simply carry out the adhering to steps:

Tap L and R at the same time to get in the menuIn the border menu (the second option), select the black borderExit the menu by tapping L and also R againTap L 4 times then R (if you don"t hear a confirmation sound then shot again)Enter the border food selection to watch that all the borders have changedRepeat the procedure to change them back
Now this makes the standard Game & watch Gallery games feel much much more authentic

Another trick have the right to be performed to adjust the colour of the Super game Boy 2"s default video game Boy border. Basically, monitor the over steps (1 through 4) except pick the default border for action 2 (make certain the accessible borders space the Super video game Boy 2 ones). Each time friend tap L 4 times climate R, the colour will change. Just so you know there are seven complete colours to choose from. Earlier to the an ext flavourful borders, many of them come to be animated after you leave the video game running because that a specific amount the time. However, girlfriend can cause the animations automatically by tapping L four times climate R (that button combination is obtaining tiresome, isn"t it?). You can do this in the initial model, too, yet it"s even much better with all these new works that art.

As friend know, there are lots of video game Boy gamings that have Super game Boy exclusive functions such as one-of-a-kind borders and colour palettes. One interesting fact is the Tetris DX has a different border depending upon which version of the Super game Boy girlfriend use through it. Besides borders, a small known attribute of the Super video game Boy is the you can play some gamings with a girlfriend by using 2 Super NES controllers. I"ve personally play a few games this way including Bomberman GB and GB 2 indigenous the Bomberman Collection. In case you"re wondering, the north American version of these gamings are Wario Blast and also Bomberman GB, respectively.

Tetris DX"s exclude, Super video game Boy 2 border is radical, dude!

That around does it for my tutorial on just how to gain the many out of your Super video game Boy 2. Ns hope it aided you enjoy your favourite SNES peripheral also more. Please leave a comment if you"d favor to share your own explorations or questioning a question. I"d love to hear her take top top this cool device!



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