Does Xbox 360 pat Blu-ray?

Xbox 360 doesn’t beat Blu-ray disc. Uneven PS3, as soon as you insert a Blu-ray disc into the Xbox 360 console and also intend come play it, every you obtained is the “Open Tray” notification on the screen. Naught else will happen. Xbox 360 does assistance DVD bowl playing, however not Blu-ray because of the absence of a indigenous Blu-ray player applications in the console.

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Is over there a method to pat Blu-Ray ~ above Xbox 360?

Although the Xbox 360 is not innately qualified of letting you clock a Blu-ray movie, there room still a couple of easy measures you have the right to take to do it possible. While Microsoft add to the Blu-ray playback feature to the latter version of Xbox, you have the right to only allow it by take it those Blu-ray you like to the Xbox 360.

First and foremost, you will need:

The Blu-ray disc you’re trying come watchA computer system that is compatible through Blu-ray (has a Blu-ray drive, usually external)A USB journey to put the ripped movie record on.

Once you’ve gained these items prepared, follow the actions below and also enjoy your Blu-ray movie-viewing experience!


Before relocating on native this step, double-check the settings to ensure the 1080p is still selected, nevertheless of which format you’ve chosen.

Tips – recommended Xbox 360 video Format

It wouldn’t hurt to carry out a tiny research on i beg your pardon Xbox 360 file is finest suited come Blu-ray movie top quality and file size. We’ve discovered that the record that seems to yield the ideal results is “Xbox 360 H.264 HD video (*.mp4),” yet there space WMV, MP4, and also other record formats together well.

Xbox 360 Compatible document Extensions: .avi, .divx,.mp4, .m4v, mp4v, .mov, .mp4, .m4v, .mp4v, .mov, .wmv, etc.

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Step Three: Rip the Blu-ray Movie and also Copy It to the USB

This component is one of the easiest, yet among the most time-consuming. All you should do when you’ve got every little thing else collection up is click “Convert” and wait because that the software application to efficiently rip the Blu-ray. As soon as the procedure is complete, though, simply copy it over onto the USB. ~ that, you simply rip it come the Xbox 360, and you’re every set!

At Last, Play your Blu-ray Movie on her Xbox 360!

Congrats, she done! Just affix your USB journey to her Xbox 360 console, use the controller to walk to “Select source – Portable Device,” and also find your file! chances are, it didn’t take it you lengthy to obtain everything collection up (aside from the moment it took to wait because that the style of the USB and also the movie file itself to convert as necessary), so reap the fruits of her labor!

So, does an Xbox 360 pat Blu-ray movies? not automatically, but it is completely capable of act so through a small extra work.