Utah is well-known for having actually some that America’s many relaxed pistol laws,consistentlyfilling peak slots on list of ideal states because that gun owners. But while thelaws may be lenient, even Utah drawsa firmline once it pertains to mixing firearms and also criminal task — and so walk the federal government. Have the right to you shed your firearm privileges if you’re convicted of committing a crime, such as residential violence or a weapons crime?


When execute You shed Your Gun legal rights in Utah?

Maybe you’re one avid hunter. Probably you’re passionate aboutself-defense. Perhaps your line of work-related requires you to carry a gun. In the eyes of the Utah state legislature, it doesn’t really matter: if you space classifiedas a category I or category II minimal person, or if you to be convicted the certain types of criminal offenses, your gun rights have the right to be denied, suspended, or fully revoked under both Utah and also federal laws.

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Who Counts together a restricted Person?

Category ns includes world who:

Are right now on probation or special amnesty for any kind of felony, violent or non-violent. Space on parole from a secure facility (i.e. Any kind of facility “that offers 24-hour supervision and confinement for youth offender”). Have actually been adjudicated delinquent because that an violation which would have actually been classified as a violent felony if cursed by one adult (within the past 10 years). Are classified together aliens unlawfully or illegally residing in the unified States.

Category II is even broader, and also includes human being who:

have been convicted of any felony. Have, in ~ the previous seven years, to be adjudicated delinquent for an offense which would have been classified as a violent felony if cursed by one adult. Usage illegal drugs. Knowingly own both a dangerous weapon andSchedule ns or Schedule II drugs. Have been committed to a mental wellness institution. Have actually been dishonorably discharged indigenous the military.

If a restricted person knowingly buys, owns, or provides a firearm, it is considered a felony,whichmeans one thing: really harsh penalties.

Under Utah law, people in group II space committing a 3rd degree felony, which deserve to be penalized v a well of $5,000 and up to five years in prison. For human being in classification I,gun use, purchase, or property is a second degree felony,punishable by approximately 15 years in prison — add to a hefty $10,000 in fines.

Under federal law18 USC § 922, possession that a firearm by a banned person can lead come up 10 years in jail (or, if there space prior offenses, a minimum that 15 years). Federal regulation is similar to Utah regulation in the method it classifies banned persons: convicted felons, medicine users, illegal aliens, civilization with domestic assault convictions, fugitives native justice, and people who have domestic restraining assignment (provided the restraining stimulate both prohibits contact and also deems the topic a hazard to the partner or child).


Which Convictions take Away your Gun legal rights in Utah?

Alcohol (e.g. DUI)

If you bring a surprise weapon without a permit, you space committing aClass A Misdemeanor, which deserve to be penalized witha one-year sentence add to a maximum well of $1,000.

Are There any kind of Exceptions?

Some civilization have come carry and also use guns on a consistent basis as component of their duties, such as members of law enforcement or branches of the military. Is there an exemption for these people? Unfortunately, there isn’t:under federal law there are no exception to pistol possession rules complying with a conviction. In other words, a conviction of any of the crimes provided can effectively end your career.

Can I regain My gun Rights?

Under18 U.S. Password § 925, “A person who is prohibited from possessing, shipping, transporting, or receiving firearms or ammunition might make applications to the Attorney general for relief…and the Attorney general may grant such relief if that is established… that the circumstances regarding… the applicant’s record and reputation space such that the applicant will certainly not be likely to plot in a path dangerous come public safety, and also that the approving of the relief would certainly not be contrary to the public interest.”

In other words, if the Attorney basic deems the is a human being is not violent and also does not pose a threat to society, it is possible that his or her lost gun rights may be restored.

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