If girlfriend love expressing yourself through different hairstyles and experimenting with fun hair color trends, climate you"re certainly not new to cut your own hair or dyeing her hair at home. Yet when your herbal hair desperately needs a break yet your creativity never take away one, it"s time to invest in a couple of wigs. The just problem? They"re not precisely cheap. Therefore if you"re wondering just how to dye a wig in ~ home yet don"t want to risk damaging it, allow us assist ya out.

We turned to celeb stylist and also wig skilled Tamika Gibson, founder of interlocutor Hold, come learn every little thing there is come know about dyeing wigs and now we"re share it through you. Ahead, every the pointers, products, and also tutorials to obtain you started—and to obtain you the ideal results.

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Can i dye a synthetic wig?

If you"ve currently got a artificial wig and also you want to readjust the color, here"s the thing: Most specialists don"t recommend dyeing fabricated hair at all. Why? because it"s basically plastic, and also weird ingredient can happen when you shot to change the color of plastic. You can only deposit color onto fabricated strands (like using temporary dyes, waxes, and even fabric dyes), yet the results will be iffy in ~ best.

The same goes because that dyeing a wig together dyeing a man-made weave—because certain pigments and also bleach won"t work on synthetic hair, it"s ideal to job-related with human being hair because that the finest results and also customization. We"re no saying you can"t try, however it might be much better off just buying a new wig in the shade you want.

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Can girlfriend dye a wig with consistent hair dye?

If you"re working through a wig that"s 100 percent human hair, then yep! You have the right to just use regular color-depositing hair dye, as if you were dyeing the hair on her head. In fact, Gibson states a color-depositing dye, aka a semi-permanent hair shade (which functions by sit on the hair"s surface) applied to a blonde wig would be the best, easiest choice for any kind of beginner who"s learning just how to dye a wig because that the very first time.

"It’s therefore much simpler for one amateur to deposit color onto blonde hair instead of trying come lighten a darker-colored wig," Gibson says. Basically, it"s easier to start with a "blank" (blonde) canvas and dye your wig the shade you want, fairly than trying to play around with bleach, developers, and also pigments on a darker wig. Still, if the is your first time, make it simple on yourself and also use a short-term hair dye, choose the people below.