If you purchase cauliflower with any degree that regularity, you’ve more than likely noticed pale brown spots scattered end the white florets. This freckles room the most typical defect top top cauliflower. Occasionally they’re already present when you buy a head that cauliflower, and other times you could not notification them until you pull it the end from the refrigerator to lastly make that soup you’ve been eyeing.

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So, her veg has actually spots. Don’t freak out — her cauliflower isn’t negative and, many importantly, it’s still edible. Here’s the deal with those brown spots and what come do around them.

A scattering the pale brown clues on the cauliflower curds isn’t all the abnormal, and it doesn’t vital mean it’s time to ditch that newly purchased veggie. The culprit because that this discoloration is oxidation, i m sorry happens naturally the much longer cauliflower is stored.

Oxidation is merely the natural readjust in the vegetable’s shade due to an extensive exposure come light and also air. It’s the same adjust that occurs once the meat of sliced apples turns brown, and also when soil meat starts to gray.

The an excellent news is that you can still cook with this cauliflower. When the discoloration doesn’t watch appealing, it’s unauthorized as lengthy as the clues haven’t turned a dark color or have a mushy texture.


While they aren’t harmful to eat, if you desire to scrape away the largest or most significant brown spots, this is easy to do. The easiest method to remove the brown spots is through a knife. Usage the blade of a chef’s knife to scrape away the brown areas or trim the tops of the curds that space discolored.

If rather of pale brown, the spots room dark brown to black in color, the curds have taken top top a mushy texture, or have actually an off-putting odor, it’s ideal to toss the head that cauliflower and get a new one. These space all indicators of decay and also spoilage.

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