Ham Salad has actually been a favorite of mine forever! As much as i love love husband baked ham, I nearly love the leftovers an ext so I deserve to make this recipe!

A few seconds in a food processor and also a handful of tasty mix-ins and you’ve acquired the perfect lunch! add your favorite spices from pickles, to dijon mustard or also shredded cheddar or swiss!


It seems prefer every family has their own version that homemade ham salad. Growing up we always made it making use of canned ham (I’m no going to lie, i still love it the way). This ham salad spread recipe is at sight easy but we usage leftover ham making it incredibly delicious! us love offer it throughout lunchtime in the summer with some cucumber salad and homemade chicken salad sandwiches!

How to make Ham Salad

Ham salad is a quickie having lunch fix, even if it is you have actually a food processor or not. Here’s all you do:

Dice the ham into small chunks or whirl the in a food processor.Transfer the ham to a bowl and also mix in the remainder of the ingredient (per the cooking recipes below).Serve in rolls or ~ above bread or even put it the end for guests to dip crackers into. To store it short carb, wrap it in lettuce wraps or offer it end salad.

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Really, that’s every there is come it!


Ham Salad Variations

Now’s the possibility for friend to get creative! right here are several of the alternatives for sports on this basic ham salad recipe:

Feeding a crowd? Make your leftover ham stretch furthermore by mix it through diced, tough boiled eggs. Ham salad with egg renders a tasty spread out for bread or crackers.Only have actually a tiny ham salad left? mix it come a finer consistency v a little pickle juice, put it in a little bowl and serve it as a dip.Grilled ham and cheese on rye. girlfriend don’t need slices the ham to make this classic. Merely mix your ham salad through some shredded cheddar cheese. The flavors will melt together for a scrumptious lunch.Turn it right into a meal. for dinner, use your an easy ham salad recipe together the basis because that a macaroni salad through ham, or ham pasta salad. Dice in some sweet gherkins or dill pickles, and include a dollop that Dijon mustard for some tangy flavors. Diced onion and also bell pepper, or jars of pimento that roasted red pepper also combine well in a ham macaroni salad. Use rotini or penne if you room making ham pasta salad.

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More methods to use Leftover Ham

Scalloped Potatoes and also Ham – the finest side everHam and also Corn Chowder – my an individual favoriteHam Bone Soup (Slow Cooker) – great for leftoversHam and also Cheese Sliders – straightforward lunch idea


How to freeze Ham Salad

Ham salad is just one of those dishes finest served cold. That keeps just a couple of days in the fridge, but if you do too much to use up quickly, you can freeze that instead. Just don’t let that sit in the refrigerator because that a couple of days, and then decide freeze it! (Bad idea, from a food security standpoint.)

To freeze, fill it in freezer for sure plastic containers, and also leave around an inch of head an are for expansion.