OK mine grandpa gets yes, really pissed off once I compose on mine hand. Yet I can’t create crap on paper cause climate I’ll never ever look in ~ it. He claims that I’m walk to gain ink poisoning , and I median like yells in ~ me when I have it on my hand. Is this true am i really walk to gain ink poisoning? just by composing on mine hand every once in a while? What room your opinions and also facts. Deserve to you please administer and links if possible. Ns am make the efforts to obtain the truth to present him/ me if i am wrong.

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No. Just double-checked. Reportedly if girlfriend ingest an ext than an oz you’re not gonna feel so good, and you’re not emptying sharpies on her body for this reason you’re an excellent to go.

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So continuous ink is ok, yet is the ok to compose on yourself in sharpie? That’s what my kids do, and also I constantly thought it to be fine, yet now I’m wondering…

augustlan: Sharpie’s are not non-toxic, therefore, i wouldn’t introduce it. I used to execute it in high school periodically when ns was bored I’d covering my eight in really curly middle ages fonts and also flowers yet that was pretty rare. I’m certain it’s fine once in a while. However yeah, have them switch mediums. That’s what I would do.

Trance24: I simply whipped the end my sharpie’s and also checked the packaging – it has actually nothing stating it is non-toxic everywhere on the pens, mite or packaging, i guess I can google it for you.

From Wikipedia:There room no warning brand on Sharpie markers. However, they bear the brand-new AP (Approved Product) certification symbol of The art & an imaginative Materials Institute, Inc. (ACMI). Follow to the organization:

“The new AP (Approved Product) Seal, through or without power Certification, identify art products that space safe and that room certified in a toxicological evaluation by a medical professional to save on computer no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious come humans, including children, or to reason acute or chronic wellness problems. This seal is right now replacing the ahead non-toxic seals: CP (Certified Product), AP (Approved Product), and also HL health and wellness Label (Non-Toxic) over a 10-year phase-in period. Such products are certified through ACMI to be labeling in accordance through the chronic hazard labeling standard, ASTM D 4236, and the U. S. Labeling of Hazardous Art materials Act (LHAMA).”

They are thought about non-toxic for “normal uses,” an interpretation writing ~ above posters, football balls, and also such. However, they room not intended for usage on skin or fingernails. It might take over an ounce of ink from a Sharpie to cause a lethal reaction, and also if a Sharpie is used on the skin it typically won’t reason an prompt or evident health effect. However, follow to the manufacturer’s safety and security data sheets (MSDS), various Sharpies contain: n-propanol, n-butanol, diacetone alcohol, and cresol. The very first of these, n-propanol, is commonly used in cosmetics. The various other three, however, are industrial solvents, chemistry that have to not be sniffed, eaten, or placed on the skin. As solvents they pass through the skin and also fingernails, and also do get in the bloodstream.

Magnum Sharpie, King dimension Sharpie, and Touch-up Sharpie assets contain xylene. The Magnum and also King dimension Sharpies likewise contain cresol. However, all other products in the Sharpie line carry out not contain either of this chemicals, and are thought about safe under typical use conditions.

These chemicals are not experiment for human consumption, just incidental environmental exposure. so the chemistry manufacturers’ technological data sheets on this chemicals room ambiguous v respect to how much must be considered a hazardous dosage, however do warn of kidney, liver, and brain damage, various other nervous disorders, and also DNA results resulting in birth defects.

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OSHA has set permissible exposure limits (PEL) at 100ppm because that n-butanol, 50ppm for diacetone alcohol, and 5ppm because that cresol.