Kik Messenger was standing as one of the favored messaging apps because that young people in 2016, with numerous registered people using the application on a daily basis. That said, why don’t we have a version of Kik for the iPad, yet (whether you’re using an iPad Mini, Pro, or Air)? the a very an excellent question, specifically considering Kik’s somewhat distinctive position of not requiring her phone number in bespeak to collection up a profile. As we’ve spanned on before, this permits users to collection up their Kik profiles v alternate means than a cell phone device–primarily, through Android emulation, so they can bring the Kik suffer to their laptop and desktop computer computers.Of course, the factor could an extremely well be the they desire the bulk of Kik individuals to stay smartphone-bearing youth. ~ all, most world can’t lug an iPad around in your pockets no matter which design of the popular tablet that you using. An iPhone, on the other, will certainly journey to the ends of the planet with its owner, and doesn’t take it up much space, because of this making apps for it the much much more appealing.Still, we wouldn’t be here, spanning this topic, if over there wasn’t a significant demand for an iPad variation of Kik. You’ll really likely it is in relieved to hear the we do have a solution, but about an iPad version of the popular messaging app, we don’t have a an especially clear snapshot of the future.

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An iPad version of Kik Messenger?

kik-12-700x393Even despite I’d love to tell you that we’re most likely to check out an iPad version of Kik in the near future, it’s looking less and less most likely as we continue to watch Kik evolve without any mention of such development. Follow to the FAQ section of the Kik assistance website, we’ve even been told that there’s no such thing currently in development. Of course, this could always change; if the iPad i do not care a an ext prominent device for cell phone messaging, us could very likely view Kik show up on it, running natively.The reality, though, is that most don’t perform their messaging v their iPad. While that a an excellent piece that hardware (I have an iPad Mini and also I adore it), it’s not something that have the right to be accessed as quickly or successfully as a smartphone, meaning that it regularly takes a backseat when civilization need to send quick, efficient messages.Considering exactly how much time and also effort goes right into the breakthrough of an app as renowned as Kik, the understandable of the team is wake up to invest in a variable iPad market. Meanwhile, we have actually a trick up ours sleeves it is going to allow you to circumvent that absence entirely.

Kik Messenger top top iPhone…for iPad

Of course, yes sir no reason to be secretive or cautious around this tiny trick, because it’s a 100% legit technique of obtaining just around any iPhone app on your iPad, instead. Both devices affix to the same app Store, after ~ all!Here’s how we’re walk to do it, in a few simple steps:Open up the App Store on your iPad.Search for Kik Messenger. (Ignore anything that isn’t the app itself; the tertiary third-party apps aren’t worth your time.)At the optimal of the screen, readjust the find filter from iPad only to iPhone only.Your search need to now reveal Kik Messenger, which you have the right to download and also install simply as conveniently as you would certainly on one iPhone!Now, if the wasn’t the simplest process, ns not certain what is. If she a long-time Kik user that already has an active account elsewhere, all that you’ll need to do is log in and get to chatting (provided friend stick with us long sufficient to read our additional tips and tricks below.) If you’re a new user, then you’ll be relieved come hear that the Kik setup procedure is just as straightforward as obtaining it download to your iPad in the first place.You’re only going to need a few things to collection up her Kik profile, and also rest assured–none the those points is your phone number! This is often a relief for iPad owners due to the fact that only a few models come equipped through cellular antenna support.A distinct usernameYour screen name (often, civilization use their real name for this)A registered, energetic email addressYour birthdayEnter those couple of bits of information (don’t worry, only your username and also display name space visible to various other Kik users) and you’ll be good to go on Kik! If you’re trying to find a couple of places to gain started, try looking at several of Kik’s an ext popular features, favor bots, the app’s web browser, or means to get more contacts through your Kik code and also group chats.

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kik ipadKeep in mind that Kik Messenger is a bit more “freewheeling” than other smartphone messenger apps, and also it’s not going to drag all of your contacts into the phone by default. You have actually the alternative of providing her phone number throughout the setup process, i m sorry can aid to facilitate this.However, adding your phone is the only way to income the contact from the perform on your smartphone. After you’ve excellent this, the app will continue to cross-reference every one of your contact to view if castle on Kik. If castle are, you will do it be notified, and also all the you’ll should do is send each of your contacts a blog post in bespeak to acquire them completely added to Kik. Basic stuff, right?If you’re no eager to hand over her phone number, however, you have the right to still uncover ways to add your friends. We’ll cover a couple of various methods below.

Additional Tips and also Tricks

While Kik is an immensely renowned messaging app, that doesn’t typical that the the most friendly once you’re make the efforts to usage it between multiple platforms (and I’m talk about much more than iPads, here.) with Android emulation, individuals have managed to bring the Kik endure to their windows PCs and Macs through the same family member ease that they’re able to authorize up for it on cell phone devices.Kik on Mac or PCIf you desire to operation Kik on your Mac or PC, you’re going to require an Android emulator. consists the emulation process on a reasonably regular basis, and also as such, we have actually recommendations for some of the ideal Android emulators the you can uncover online. Finest of all? you can access most of castle without payment anything at all; only fitting, due to the fact that Kik no either!Read right here if you’d choose to know an ext about the emulation process, but if you eager enough to simply jump in, go ahead and download one emulator from Bluestacks, Andyroid, or Droid4X. Any kind of of this will manage Kik Messenger just fine.Afterward, all the you’ll must do is usage the Google Play store in her newly-acquired emulator come download Kik, prior to you’ll be all set to absent ‘n roll. However, there space still a few things that you’ll desire to be conscious of if you arrangement on making use of Kik with more than one device.Managing Kik ContactsWith most messaging apps the work between different platforms, all of your information is walking to do the leap from machine to device, v your post history, contacts, and also other setups being synced to a server quite than the device, specifically.In the instance of your contacts, this is the situation with Kik. As soon as you use Kik on your iPad, your smartphone, or your pc or Mac, you’re constantly going to have actually your list of contact available, as lengthy as girlfriend log right into the exact same profile.Managing Kik MessagesYour blog post history, however, is no going to carry over. Every time you log right into Kik Messenger from a various device, you’ll be immediately signed out on your previous device, definition that your message history is going to disappear right together with it. While you can easily sign in and also out of Kik on as countless different devices as you want, friend won’t have the ability to keep your messages from every one of your assorted contacts together you do so.While this might seem choose a minor inconvenience (and it is), it can also serve together a useful trick must you ever lose your phone. If she worried around anyone finding her message background for any reason, you deserve to simply log into Kik from a various device!Sadly, yes no official method to operation Kik natively top top the iPad, yet. Ns say “yet” without any type of clear expectation the we’re walk to watch an iPad version of the app, however we additionally haven’t been directly told that us won’t, either. It’s every dependant upon whereby the Kik breakthrough team locations its focus, and considering the Kik has actually to contend with the likes of Snapchat, Instagram, and also other social media and messaging platforms, the understandable that their attention is staying mostly on smartphones.That said, the above guide provides you a quite easy settle that deserve to have Kik up and running on your iPad (Mini, Pro, or Air) with only a couple of taps in Apple’s application Store. If we covered every little thing you wanted (or even if girlfriend still have actually questions) allow us recognize by chiming in the comments!