Originally touted as a portable supervisor Nintendo, the video game Boy advancement (GBA) is an tremendous handheld an equipment with a first-rate library that games. But the GBA has accessibility to much more than just its own catalog of titles.

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Is the video game Boy development backward compatible? Yes, the video game Boy advancement and the revised game Boy advancement SP consoles room backward compatible through both video game Boy Color and original game Boy titles. The GBA’s last revision, the game Boy Micro, however, only plays game Boy breakthrough software.

But just because the video game Boy advancement can play video game Boy Color and also original video game Boy games, doesn’t mean it is necessarily the finest place to perform so. Is the GBA the critical platform to play game Boy and also Game Boy shade titles? For countless gamers, it an extremely well might be – but like any piece the hardware, there are pros and also cons.

GBA backward Compatibility: advantages & Cons



SP (specifically the backlit 101 model) has actually the best screen for displaying game Boy and also Game Boy shade gamesSP functions a rechargeable battery


Kirby’s Tilt ‘n’ Tumble and also the game Boy Camera are difficult to use with the SPGame Boy and also Game Boy color cartridges awkwardly protrude the end of the SP and original game Boy Advance

If she looking to purchase a GBA to play original game Boy and Game Boy shade games in addition to advance titles, simply discovering that the system is backward compatible is only the beginning. You might think the there is some good advantage to playing games on more recent hardware together opposed to the older generation of consoles, yet when it pertains to the original game Boy Advance, there truly isn’t.

You don’t really see any kind of benefits till you jump to the video game Boy advancement SP. The game Boy development SP came in two different models, the frontlit AGS-001 model and also the also brighter backlit AGS-101. (We’ve broken down every one of the assorted differences in between the 101 and 001, and a complete guide on how to spot the differences when purchasing in-person or online.) either way, both SP models room drastic improvements over the displays on the original game Boy advancement – as well together the vault generation of game Boy consoles – when it pertains to brightness.

Not just does screen brightness make a large difference once playing gamings on the SP, however the included benefit of having actually a rechargeable battery simply makes it easier to choose up and play at any time. Having actually to buy instead of batteries to be a pain earlier before the SP released, and it feeling even more archaic today.

It should also be noted that there isn’t a huge price discrepancy in between the video game Boy, the game Boy Color, or the video game Boy Advance. Through some searching, SP consoles have the right to be found online for comparable prices (and occasionally less) than either of the aforementioned handhelds.


So it can seem choose there is for sure no reason not to gain the SP rather of a game Boy shade or original video game Boy, but there are a pair of notable drawbacks that have to be discussed before making her purchasing decision. Firstly, because of the shape and also size that the cartridges, game Boy and Game Boy shade games awkwardly protrude the end of the development and SP consoles. Since GBA cartridges room roughly fifty percent the size of video game Boy and also Game Boy color games, the breakthrough consoles merely weren’t developed to house the vault generations’ software. That’s not to say that the gamings don’t pat well; they absolutely do. But it just looks clumsy to have a cartridge sticking out of the console by a pair of inches, and it can also be a little bit uncomfortable in the case of the SP.

Speaking that the SP, having the cartridge slot top top the bottom that the console – together opposed come the top of the unit like all of the other previous game Boy hardware – yes, really presents a trouble with software prefer Kirby’s Tilt ‘n’ Tumble and the video game Boy Camera.

Kirby’s Tilt ‘n’ Tumble is a clever motion-platforming game that provides the cartridge’s integrated accelerometer to have actually players manage Kirby’s activities by physically tilting the console. When put into the bottom of the SP, however, (again, as opposed to the top of various other handhelds), the accelerometer i do not care flipped and all of Kirby’s motions come to be inverted. Similarly, the game Boy Camera’s built-in functionality it s okay turned upside under when placed into the SP’s cartridge slot, making it quite an overwhelming to actually use. A workaround has actually been discovered, i m sorry involves an initial plugging in a video game Shark into the cartridge slot and then inserting the game into the video game Shark – but this is far from one eloquent solution.

Bottom Line: provided the improved display screen brightness (again, especially the backlit AGS-101 model), the game Boy advancement SP has actually the ideal display come showcase video game Boy, game Boy Color, and Advance’s whole respective libraries. The form factor could not always be ideal, but it’s difficult to argue against the SP’s backlit screen. Uneven Kirby’s Tilt ‘n’ Tumble is her favorite game, the AGS-101 is probably your best bet. Otherwise, consider grabbing a used video game Boy color or original game Boy development on the cheap.

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Does the video game Boy Player run original video game Boy and also Game Boy color games as well as breakthrough titles?

Yes, choose the game Boy Advance, the video game Boy Player (see attach for pricing top top Amazon) is backward compatible with game Boy Color and original video game Boy games.

What is the game Boy Player?

For those of friend who can be analysis the native “Game young Player” because that the an initial time, allow us to fill you in. The video game Boy Player is one add-on accessory because that the Nintendo GameCube that attaches come the bottom the the console and contains a port for video game Boy, game Boy Color, and Game Boy advancement cartridges. This accessory allows the GameCube to play all of these handheld titles on the television using a GameCube controller, or also a video game Boy development console making use of the game Boy breakthrough to GameCube attach cable (see attach for pricing on Amazon).