Can T8 LED tube lights be provided in T12 fixtures?

In comment this question, we must evaluate for both physical and electrical compatibility.In regards to physical compatibility, both T8 and also T12 lamps use the very same G13 bi-pin base, so as lengthy as they are the same size (e.g. 4-ft), a T8 lamp will certainly physically fit inside a T12 fixture.Electrical compatibility is a bit trickier, since T12 fixtures will almost always save on computer a T12 ballast, i beg your pardon is no compatible through T8 lamps. Direct-wire compatible T8 LED pipe lights deserve to be used in a T12 fixture, as long as the T12 ballast is one of two people bypassed, or totally removed. T8 LED lamps which room not direct-wire compatible (with ballast) will require a T8 ballast to operate, so unless the T12 ballast in the T12 fixture is changed with a T8 ballast, a non-direct-wire compatible T8 LED lamp will not occupational in a T12 fixture.Waveform Lighting"s T8 LED pipe lights function compatibility with all ballast configurations (ballast, ballast bypass single ended, ballast bypass double ended), so they can safely be supplied in T12 fixtures as lengthy as the T12 ballast is bypassed or removed.For further instructions on installation and wiring, please reference our installation manual:

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