I have a computer system with 2 sticks the DDR4 RAM, and someone just provided me part old ram that"s DDR3. Deserve to I usage both in the very same computer?



Can I usage both in the very same computer?

Your mechanism is only compatible through DDR4 memory. The layout that the pins top top a DDR3 modules are completely different to that of a DDR4 module. You would be unable to install the DDR3 modules right into your motherboard, if friend attempted to carry out so, friend would damages the module and/or the motherboard itself.

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DDR4 SO-DIMMs have 260 pins instead of the 204 pins that DDR3 SO-DIMMs, spaced at 0.5 fairly than 0.6 mm, and are 2.0 mm more comprehensive (69.6 versus 67.6 mm), however remain the very same 30 mm in height.

Source: DDR4 SDRAM



Yes yet only through some distinct mainboards and also you can"t use both RAM varieties at the very same time. DDR criter are never compatible with each other, because for large improvements you must avoid the heritage issues. Mainboards v 2 species of lamb modules room rare and also only for some change period. For example there to be mainboards v both DDR and also DDR2, or DDR2 and DDR3 modules

The are also mainboards that supports both DDR3 and DDR4 choose the Asrock B150M Combo-G

But generally they don"t worth the effort and also it"ll it is in easier and cheaper come buy new RAM sticks

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No.They use different connectors, various rules come activate and also refresh the save values, and also different voltages, so also if someone could make a physical adapter, that still would not work. It"s very, an extremely rare that a motherboard would have actually both type of connectors.

If friend will administer the make and also model of your motherboard, laptop, desktop computer or server, we have the right to advise whether you use DIMMs or SO-DIMMs.

DDR3 for desktop computer and server pcs use a 240 pen connector; DDR3 SO-DIMMs because that laptops have actually 204 pins.

DDR4 for desktop computer and server pcs use a 288 pen connector; DDR4 SO-DIMMs because that laptops and also some Mac desktops have 260 pins. Source1 source 2 Micron data sheet

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