If you are working on sprucing increase a floor, or other concrete surface, and you great to placed epoxy over it, the very first thing that you should do is eliminate anything the is loose to ensure that your epoxy surface ar will it is in solid.You should also patch up any type of holes or crack to avoid any imperfections. You execute not need to use a clean epoxy either, you have the right to use a fancy one rather if you are feeling unique and also creative.Furthermore, you can use this in one coat over the original painted surface. So, the short answer is, yes, you can put epoxy flooring over paint. Furthermore, you have the right to epoxy end painted lumber as well. Water based paint is best for this as they are fast drying, so you deserve to put the epoxy end the paint after about 24 hours of drying time because that the paint.

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On the other hand if you provided an oil-based paint then girlfriend will need to apply 3 coats of oil-based polyurethane to seal up the surface prior to you use your epoxy. You need to be wary of what epoxy resins will no stick to, while girlfriend can use it over paint, some surfaces might not it is in compatible through epoxy. Epoxy resin adhesives bond to any kind of wood, glass, and aluminum.However, that does not deal for this reason well v polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and so on. If you are painting and also then laying epoxy top top a concrete floor climate you must use a concrete repaint which can be purchase in either a latex or an oil-based epoxy enamel.You should choose a paint type that ideal suits your floor, latex repaint works fine for internal concrete floors, but it is not an ideal for high traffic areas, particularly in garages where the high web traffic is frequently heavy and also attached to tires.
Epoxy can deal well with garage floors, so if you are intending on act up your garage floor with a nice paint, epoxy end it afterwards, and also you deserve to ensure it will certainly last longer.

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Can girlfriend epoxy a painted concrete floor? 

If you have a concrete/ cemented floor with old repaint on it, and also you decide you desire to epoxy end it, you might think that you may have to remove the old repaint to execute so. Execute not worry, there is no have to do this.Not having actually to eliminate the old repaint will make your floor improvements much much less troublesome and also safer than painting bare cement. Instead of having actually to usage acid come etch the surface, you can sand it under lightly. Epoxy repaint is much more durable 보다 a usual concrete paint, and also they will market you a level sheen the you simply cannot acquire from various other paints.
Epoxy paints likewise offer a two-part application mechanism that is complied with by a sealing topcoat the ensures a prolonged life for your brand-new color coloring. You can constantly epoxy a painted concrete floor. Epoxy is completely compatible through doing so, however, you need to make certain that you perform it in the correct means so the you obtain the outcomes you seek.  A an excellent way to test the your floor is compatible through epoxy is to tape a item of plastic sheeting to your floor and also cover every edges of your floor through the sheeting, sealing it come the floor so the no wait can acquire underneath it.Leave the sheeting in location for 24 hours and then lift it to inspect it, view if over there is any type of moisture top top the underside of the sheeting. Dry sheeting will indicate that utilizing epoxy will work and also that your epoxy will bond come the floor well. 
Before you usage epoxy/ epoxy repaint on her floor you must ensure the you cover all bordering surfaces consisting of walls, cabinets and also baseboards, girlfriend should likewise move all obstacles indigenous the room and cover vents and electrical outlets. It is perfectly feasible to usage epoxy ~ above painted concrete, yet if you intend on law this, you must ensure the you do it correctly and also safely. 

How lengthy does epoxy paint last top top concrete? 

Epoxy on flooring is an extremely hard, abrasion-resistant, and also has high-impact strength. Because of these terrific factors numerous technicians call epoxy a ‘coating because that life’.In residential settings, some epoxy flooring has been well-known to last because that 30 years, whereas in more commercial settings, over there is higher traffic, as well as more spills, mishaps and therefore on that can wear it down fast.For these factors the average lifespan the epoxy applications deserve to last between 5-10 years. 
There are a couple of things that will influence how long the epoxy coating will last. First and foremost will be the stamin of the concrete flooring the epoxy is used to. The initial layer of concrete is the basic layer and also that will aid in determining the expectancy of her epoxy.The ready of the surface, as well, is another imperative factor that will influence the durability of her epoxy. The surface should be extensively prepared prior to the applications of the epoxy.This method that it must be cost-free of any type of dust, oil, and other liquids and there must be no damage. You must fill cracks and also dents prior to the applications of her epoxy. The epoxy thickness is one more factor the will impact how long it lasts. A coating that epoxy have the right to be from 400-1,000 microns thick on commercial floors. That is way to remember that the thinner your epoxy coating is, the quicker it is likely to wear down and also need replacing.In some commercial settings the thickness the the epoxy deserve to be more than 1,000 microns (1 mm thick) 
Similarly, you have to keep in mind the quality of the topcoat, a floor coating contractor will often recommend an urethane topcoat to assist in resistance of abrasion and also scratches.Keep in mind exactly how much traffic the floor will have, vehicular and also high-foot website traffic can impact the longevity that the floor. Similarly, exposure to UV light can reason the binder to chalk, and also turn powdery once exposed come sunlight too regularly.