Can You Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint? 

So, you’re out of rolling papers, but you’ve got plenty of tissue paper lying around—can you use it to roll a joint? While it’s a little more tricky to use than traditional rolling paper, the answer is yes, you can use tissue paper to roll your joint. 

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Here’s what you need to know about substituting tissue paper as well as some other convenient options to roll your joint with. 

How to Use Tissue Paper to Roll a Joint

Since tissue paper is very thin, it makes a convenient substitute for rolling papers. Keep in mind that tissue paper may not burn as perfectly as rolling papers, but you can still expect to get a good smoke out of it. The process for doing it is fairly simple, and not too different from using rolling papers: 

Any tissue paper should work fine, but if you can, try to use uncolored paper that hasn’t been dyedCut your tissue paper into the size of a normal rolling paper (most rolling papers are around 68mm in length and 34mm wide)Grind your cannabis with either a grinder, your hand, or another objectFill the tissue paper with your shake and add the crutch (if you’re using one)Form the shape of the joint, and then roll the tissue paper by pinching the paper between your fingers, and rolling as you go Since tissue paper is already a little thin for burning, you want to make sure you pack the end of your joint well (or close it if you’re not planning on smoking immediately)

Even if it may burn a little faster, working with tissue paper shouldn’t be too tricky—and it can work well in a pinch.

Other Substitutes for Smoking Papers

Just because you don’t have rolling papers or tissue paper on hand doesn’t mean you can’t smoke.

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Here are a couple of other quick substitutes that work just as well: 

Gum Wrappers


Tracing paper may actually be a better substitute than tissue paper since it’s usually undyed. If you’ve got any lying around, you’re in luck.