Some meat dishes, vinaigrettes, and dips aren’t complete without mustard powder. Mustard flour adds the pungent, distinctive taste that us all seem to love. Its lack is important noticeable, and sauces simply aren’t the very same without it.

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The best substitutes for mustard powder space turmeric powder, wasabi powder, horseradish powder, ready mustard, mustard seed, and arugula.

Mustard flour Substitutes

Here’s exactly how you can substitute mustard powder with the substitutes suggested above.

1. Turmeric Powder


Surprisingly, arugula can be offered as a substitute for mustard powder. This might be also odd for some of you but yes, making use of arugula can work in part dishes. Arugula is among the many loved salad and sandwich ingredient because that a healthier diet. The taste of this leafy vegetables is rather spicy, making it an effective alternate for mustard powder.

All you should do is to carefully chop arugula till it’s nearly like a paste. You can use the arugula dough to mix in salad dressings or dips. I don’t recommend using it for soups, glazes, or meat marinades due to the fact that the leaf can get too soggy or burn easily. You may say the its use as a instead of is minimal to simply a few dishes, however still, the does occupational well wherein it’s appropriate.

To substitute, use 1 tablespoon that arugula because that every 1 teaspoon of mustard powder. This can not it is in yellow in color (in truth it will be fairly green!) but there’s nothing come worry about because the won’t affect the shade of the food that much. Therefore if you have some preventive arugula in her fridge, try out this instead of to make healthier dips and salad dressings at home.

My personal Choice

I to be a fan of anything mustard therefore I always recommend to residence cooks the everyone should have actually spare mustard seed. Making your very own mustard powder is quite rewarding, particularly as you understand that you made the from scratch. So the following time you run out the mustard powder, girlfriend can always have a backup to make one more batch, whether it’s all set mustard or mustard powder.

The next ideal option is turmeric powder. Turmeric flour is thought about the safest and most suitable option if you nothing feel choose risking other alternatives. Plus turmeric flour is usual in many kitchens these days, making it way easier to find and also store. This is by much my most wanted substitute out of every the options.

But still, all 6 substitutes mentioned over work pretty fine in most, if not all dishes.

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Taking benefit of these substitutes will certainly definitely help you once no mustard is accessible – rather of make a pilgrimage to the store as soon as you don’t really have time, check out substitutes and consider this together an experimental time in the kitchen.