Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are my favorite, however I never been in a tournament. I was wondering can anyone call me if I deserve to summon a lvl. 1-4 monster from mine hand as soon as it’s my an initial turn?



Yes you can, however in yugioh you will describe the stars as levels which go from the appropriate hand side of the card, and with XYZ monster the stars are recognized as ranking which walk from the left the the card.

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Further description on summoning:

In yugioh there are what is well-known as common summons and special summons. Distinct summons usually (special summoning native the extra deck doesn"t always come from a card effect) take place via map effects and usually state what type of monster that effect can one-of-a-kind summon for instance the card old rules

Special Summon 1 Level 5 or higher Normal Monster from your hand.

This result states the form of monster it deserve to summon (being a level 5 or greater normal monster)

You deserve to special summon monsters as plenty of times as you desire per revolve

For normal summons this is a little trickier, you can only conduct one typical summon per rotate unless you have a card that enables you come make more normal summons like double summon

You have the right to conduct 2 normal Summons/Sets this turn, not simply 1.

With a typical summon you can summon a level 1-4 monster right away however you come summon a level 5 or greater monster friend must an initial tribute (send to the graveyard) monster(s) already on her field. Level 5 and also 6 monsters require you to tribute one preexisting monster on the field and level 7 or greater monsters need 2 preexisting monsters on the ar unless the monster claims in that card text otherwise like pillar the Tormentor emphasis mine

Requires 3 Tributes to normal Summon (cannot be normal Set). This card"s regular Summon can not be negated. Once Normal Summoned, cards and also effects can not be activated. Cannot be target by Spells, Traps, or card effects. When per turn, throughout the end Phase, if this map was distinct Summoned: Send it come the Graveyard. You have the right to Tribute 2 monsters; destroy all monsters your opponent controls. This map cannot declare an assault the revolve this impact is activated.

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These are what is well-known as a tribute summon. Tribute summons room a kind of typical summon so they carry out count as your one common summon for the turn.