Nobody ever bathes a wolf or a bobcat and yet those pets seem come do simply fine. Unfortunately, the is not the case. They are simply as infested by ticks and fleas together our dogs and cats. Nature is tough, however at least we can safeguard our own pets. If we leave them together they are, they will shortly be infested v fleas, ticks, lice and other nasty parasites. Fleas are the worst to manage – castle multiply promptly by laying hundreds of thousands of egg in our pet’s environment. So even if you have trapped and killed 10 fleas on her pet’s body, you can be assured that there space at the very least 50 brand-new ones nearby in various emerging stages. All this makes it very challenging for pet parents to handle, which is why ns will display you an easy method to eliminate fleas. The best part about using this an approach of flea manage is that you perform not should go out of your way for it and also the ingredients you require are likely already present in your kitchen. Today you will learn whatever you should know around how to use Dawn dish soap for fleas top top dogs and cats.

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Is Dawn dish soap for sure for usage on pets?

Before concluding even if it is Dawn dish soap is for sure for usage on pets, let us very first consider exactly how skin pH works.

Dogs, cats and also humans all have various pH that the dermis. Humans have slightly acidic skin mantle through a pH of 5.2 come 5.5. This acidic pH is essential for preventing bacterial and fungal skin infections. Dogs room neutral or contempt alkaline skinned types which provides them perfect reproduction grounds for bacteria, viruses as well as parasites like fleas, ticks, mange and also lice etc. Additionally, in dogs, the skin obstacle is incredibly thin – only about 8-10 cabinet layers thick, make it basic to absorb anything that is put on the skin. Cats and also dogs usually have a skin barrier pH of 7.0 come 8.0 (cats occasionally a tiny lower). You have to only usage shampoo or other commodities that are close to that pH value. Failure to execute so can reason inflammation of the skin and also could damage the great flora, making it vulnerable to dryness, cuts, infections and parasitic invaders. This is also the key reason why you must never usage cat shampoos ~ above dogs and vice a versa. Similarly, never use person shampoos come bathe your pets as it can readjust the pH balance. It is constantly best to use products that room pH balanced and close come the customers skin pH.

Fleas dislike Dawn dish soap

Fleas have actually a slim exoskeleton cover i beg your pardon is why the Dawn dish soap conveniently penetrates their bodies, death them instantly. Dawn food soap also prevents flea egg from hatching and eliminates every life cycle stages of fleas. This provides it an effective weapon in your flea defense arsenal.

But is it safe to usage on mine pet?

Whenever a soap is labeled as soft, gentle and safe for person skin, climate its pH is guaranteed to be about 7. Cream color brand dish soap is really caustic or acidic with a pH much less than 6.0, conversely, Dove hand soap is gentle and also mild for person use v a neutral pH. The pH of Dawn dishwashing soap is likewise around 7. This provides it neutral for person skin and also perfect for dogs and also cats. Therefore, you have the right to safely and also effectively usage Dawn dish soap because that eliminating fleas on her pet and its environment. Avoid using that too frequently though, as this will dry the end your pet skin.

How to usage Dawn dish soap for flea manage on dogs and also cats

You can use Dawn food soap because that flea remove in the complying with three ways.

1. When bathing your pet


It is encourage to begin with a tiny quantity of Dawn food soap:

Mix 2-3 teaspoons of the soap v a liter of heat water and mix well to job-related up a lather.Wet the pet thoroughly, then to water the soap equipment on that is body.Continue massaging the pet’s body until all locations are spanned with the soap lather.Leave the lather on for at least 5-10 minutes.Wash turn off with heat water.Repeat if needed.Gently dry the pet v a towel.

You can now usage a flea collar, oral flea medication or spot treatment to prevent brand-new fleas.

2. In her pets environment


To death fleas in the carpet:

Mix one tbsp Dawn dish soap v 2 cups of water.Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.Shake well and spray everywhere the carpet, pets’ bedding, upholstery and floors.Let that sit because that 5-10 minutes.Blot the carpet and upholstery through a bath towel or tissue papers.Vacuum the rugs and also carpets well.

As the fleas and also larvae have actually a weak exoskeleton, your skin absorbs the food soap, damaging all inner organs. This instantly kills them.

3. Make a flea trap through Dawn dish soap


You can additionally make a homemade flea trap through Dawn dish soap:

Fill up a shallow pan v water and include a few drops that Dawn food washing soap ~ above its surface.At night, ar the catch in the room beside your pet’s bed.Turn off every lights except a small lamp suspended over the trap.

The fleas obtain attracted come the light and fall in the trap, where the dish soap death them ~ above contact.

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Fleas room a nuisance and cause a good deal of injury to ours pets. Dawn food soap is an reliable remedy for gaining rid the fleas fast. The pH of Dawn food soap is neutral which renders it safe for usage on cats, kittens, adult dogs and also puppies. Shot it out and keep your home and pets flea-free.