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After having actually my same share of short article keratin hair disasters, I determined to do a list of what no to perform after a keratin treatment.

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And today I’m going come share this list with you to help you protect against all the aggro, and also enjoy every the benefits the come v a brand-new keratin hair treatment.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

What not To execute After her Keratin Treatment

While your hairstylist may offer you ample tips on just how to care for keratin cure hair, ns am going come highlight few of the boo-boos that many of girlfriend are more than likely not conscious of, and also easily take because that granted.

So right here they are:

1. Do Not buy Cheap Shampoos


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Do not format your hair increase after keratin treatment

I wouldn’t recommend you to perform updos and also ponytails together you’ll need extr hair equipment to hold your hairstyle together.

Putting any accessories in your hair deserve to leave dents and also lines the demarcation.

The vital to extending the life of her keratin therapy is to store your hair down and straight as much as girlfriend can.

6. Do Not stay Headbands because that 2 Weeks

Do no tuck your hair behind your ears

Tucking her hair frequently behind your ears creates unwanted creases which require warmth to straighten again.

So don’t let your hair bunch up in ~ any suggest during the an initial 2 weeks.

10. Do Not Overdo It in ~ The Gym

12. Carry out Not Use heavy Oils prefer Coconut Oil
Coconut oil after ~ keratin treatment use

Coconut oil or Jojoba oil nestles deep right into your hair follicles to carry out moisture.

While this is a great thing, the negative side of it is, you’ll need a lot of shampoo to wash them out.

Be patient, gain through the very first 2 main of transition, then you have the right to use them together you wish.

If you’re a big fan of using oils, i recommend utilizing a lightweight keratin infusion oil in the meantime.

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Product ns recommend:

The ideal lightweight oil v keratin infusion. Without sulfates, parabens, or salt.