Enamel Paints are very practical and come v a most benefits. It is apt for paint surfaces that room subject to constant wear and also tear or furniture items built for outdoor usage. Using enamel paint on wood permits the repaint to last longer, providing the surface ar a hard, glossy and also durable finish. Due to the fact that enamels are available in a wide spectrum that colours and also can it is in both water-based or oil-based, the is crucial to pick the ideal mix together per your task requirement. When water-based enamels are less complicated to work with and dry faster, oil-based enamels critical longer, giving the surface ar a smoother luminous texture.

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We in ~ Indigo paints carry you a wide variety of superior high quality enamel paints to select from. If you desire to refurbish your residence or provide that old wooden furniture a makeover, a new coat of enamel paint is the answer vital to the transformation.


Steps to use enamel paint to the wood.


Step 1

To accomplish the glossy complete on your furniture, the is an essential to prepare the wooden surface ar in near detail. You need to start through scrapping the wood through a fine-grit sandpaper. It will smoothen the edges by creasing any ridges or uneven elevations.


Step 2

Primers are distinctive paint assets used together a base coat the prepares the surface ar before applying the topcoat. A great of primer will certainly fill fissures or rifts in the wood surface, offering the repaint a relatively uniform area come stick. Select a colour i beg your pardon goes v your enamel paint and avoid utilizing a darker undertone in comparison to the selection of enamel.


Step 3

Using the right kind the brush is an extremely important to acquire the desired smooth complete on the surface. You have the right to use a premium high quality natural-haired brush to keep the energy in the orientation and thickness of every brushstroke. It is recipient to wet the guideline of the brush v the ideal amount the paint before application. The strokes must disappear as soon as the undercoat begins to dry.


Step 4

Sand the surface with the sandpaper once again. Remove any kind of dust from the furniture through the assist of a dry cloth before applying the enamel paint.

Step 5

Paint the surface with the enamel paint. Use a quality paint brush and apply the with even strokes. Stop soaking the brush with too lot paint and allow the coat come dry because that a main post-application.

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Step 6

Sand the surface once again through the fine-grit sandpaper. Apply a 2nd coat the enamel paint and let that dry because that a week. Use a 3rd layer in case the furniture unit would be subjected to heavy usage.