I have component of a instance of T12 bulbs I"d choose to usage up. Castle fit my brand-new T8 fixtures and also light increase fine. Are they walk to damage the brand-new fixtures or ballasts? thanks

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initially Posted by Andrew Joiner

I have component of a situation of T12 bulbs I"d prefer to usage up. Lock fit my brand-new T8 fixtures and also light up fine. Space they walk to damage the brand-new fixtures or ballasts? Thanks
No! friend will damage the ballasts or have very short lamp life, T8 lamps w/ T12 ballasts will certainly burn the end prematurely, I have actually not seen what you room asking yet have seen the reverse. Ballasts space designed to be supplied w/ details lamps & one need to not use various other then the lamps they were designed for.Compared come the old ballasts, the electronic ballasts have a short enough life as-is, no sense in reduce the life more.(They execute not critical as long as the larger ones lock replaced, it was no unheard that to find 30-40 YO ballasts tho in business these are on obtained time after ~ 5 years).
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Further, and I"d have to go look come confirm, I believe the pen size and spacing is different. T8 bulbs are additionally smaller in diameter.
Jim,I wrote about the spacing distinction here top top SMC and also was educated that the spacing is the same. Ns didn"t measure the spacing myself however took the posters word because that it. I did not examine the pin dimension though.I made the mistake of installing T12s in my pole barn since the local electric supply had actually a sale on the T12s, should have done the research prior to buying. I now have actually flickering lights and also buzzing noises that ns wish ns didn"t have.
All lamps space measured in 1/8" increments therefore a T5 is 5/8" T8 is 1" & for this reason on..T8 & T12 lamps both use tool bi-pin bases they physically fit, & it"s a typical practice to retrofit native T12 come T8 & same lampholders space left in place.
The T12 bulbs to the right my brand-new T8 fixtures and also light increase fine. Ns was simply concerned around ballast and also bulb life.
I could see both bulb and also ballast having reduced lif by mix them. The T12s should be 40 watt, the T8s are 32 watts. The T12s probably aren"t together bright as they should be, and also it might be placing undue stress and anxiety on the ballast. Offer the T12 bulbs to who who have the right to still usage them. Jim.
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There are couple of differences between T8 and also T12 fluorescent bulbs. T8 bulbs are smaller sized in diameter 보다 T12 bulbs (1 inch or 8/8ths vs. 1.5 customs or 12/8ths) and also are available in the very same lengths. Both usage the same mix of gases to create light. Both are easily accessible with a medium bipin configuration on the pins. The magnetic ballasts used in T12 fixtures are less reliable than the digital ballasts offered in the newer T8 fixtures. This outcomes in a moderate palliation in energy intake when the T12 ballasts set up in existing fixtures are changed by T8 ballasts. The digital ballasts supplied in the T8 fixtures also enable the pear to be dimmed, i m sorry is not possible with other species of fluorescent ballasts. Prior to swapping tubes, be sure which kind of ballast friend have and also verify the you"re no swapping apples because that oranges.Good luck,Jim

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