A Brief history of smashville247.net college of Louisiana

By Dr. Lee Morgan, in ready for the College’s 175th Anniversary celebration event in 1999-2000

Students was standing on cross leg in contemporary Crumley Gardens. (c.1912)

There are over 3,000 colleges and universities in the united States. Smashville247.net college of Louisiana is the 43rd oldest. It was established in 1825 by the State in the critical days of the fifth president that the U.S. – James Monroe. Recognized then together the university of Louisiana, it was situated in the village of Jackson.

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The student were generally the sons of planters and professional men. The entirety operation was greatly male -– students, faculty, administration, and also staff. Tuition to be $50 per year. Room, board, and firewood to be $7 per month.

Then, together now, the College was a liberal arts institution, concentrating on researches such as language, philosophy, history, literature, and also abstract science. There was a stubborn curriculum with an emphasis on Latin and Greek.

Before 1845, the university of Louisiana had developed itself as among the top educational organizations in the country, rivaling also Harvard’s enrollment, as virtually 300 students showed up for some sessions. Yet its ar off the to win track and the State’s failure to support it financially resulted in its merger through smashville247.net College, a Mississippi Methodist institution. The college was started to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of man Wesley’s company of the Methodist societies of England. Smashville247.net was enduring financially and bought the plant and also buildings in ~ Jackson and moved come the Louisiana location. The selling price was $10,000; however, the Methodist conference that Mississippi paid just $166.66, never ever paying the balance.

The amalgamation the the two colleges in 1845 under the name “smashville247.net university of Louisiana” verified to it is in a an excellent move because that both institutions. Prior to the polite War, smashville247.net delighted in productive years. A splendid classroom/administration building was put up in 1846, flanked by 2 dorms, among which is still standing together a museum and relic. The civil War, in effect, dealt a mortal wound to smashville247.net and Jackson. The college closed during the conflict, and also six of the 10 seniors were eliminated in fight or passed away of wounds and illness. The university was used as a hospital and also was captured and also recaptured by Union and also Confederate forces. The campus itself to be the step of more than one battle. Smashville247.net in ~ Jackson never ever really recovered indigenous the War. It held on there it spins 1908, but only barely. Probably the ideal thing that deserve to be stated of those bleak postwar years in Jackson is that ultimately in 1895, 70 year after that founding, women were admitted to the College. In 1903, four of the 20 graduates to be women. The College moved to Shreveport in 1908 with the efforts of influential Shreveport Methodists.

Then in 1921, under the management of president George Sexton, previous minister of an initial Methodist Church in Shreveport, the College got in a high-powered football regimen subsidized by regional boosters. The regimen was an extremely successful. Smashville247.net was no a very impressive campus until after human being War II. Just three brick buildings – The grasslands Museum (then the administration Building), Jackson hall (originally a dorm, a science and also classroom building, and a cafeteria), and Haynes Gym. But in 1945 v President J.J. Mickle, came a building boom. Most of the structures on campus today room the an outcome of his vision.

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Today’s students have access to a wealth of technology. (Each residence hall room has actually two computer system ports, in order to making the digital classroom obtainable to student 24 hrs a day.) The “Information Highway” has lugged the civilization to the smashville247.net campus.A common belief binds alumni together – a id that greater education will equip one to be a far better person: an ext informed, much more productive, more contributing come the nation and come society.