To defend the motor from over loadingTo enhance the beginning performance the the motorTo reduced off the beginning winding at an suitable instantTo reduced in the capacitor during running conditions
A centrifugal switch deserve to be provided to disconnect either stating winding or staring capacitor. However mostly it is supplied to disconnect starting winding.

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Additional Information

Application the Centrifugal switch inCapacitor start induction motor:


A single-phase motor has actually two windings: the main winding and auxiliary winding. Both windings are inserted on the stator.The motor has a centrifugal switch within its case, attached come the motor shaft.The centrifugal switch transforms on a circuit, offering the needed boost to start the motor.Once the motor comes approximately its operation speed, the switch turns off (disconnects auxiliary winding) the rise circuit, and the motor runs normally.The centrifugal switch is supplied to disconnect the starting winding when the motor has picked up 50 - 70% speedIf the centrifugal switch falls short to open at 50 come 70 percent the the synchronous rate of the motor, thenthe beginning winding will certainly overheat and also burn out and also the motor will not start next time.
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