The NFL incorporate is not simply a time for NFL scouts, coaches and also others to focus on future prospects for their teams. It"s additionally a time for us common, non-athletic persons to clock in amazement together these athletes placed up ridiculous numbers in part seriously daunting drills.

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There"s nothing quite prefer watching a player run the 40-yard dash or walk all out on the bench press and dropping your jaw at their numbers while friend sit top top the couch and also debate whether to open up up the following bag that chips.

Certain incorporate events have end up being must-watch television, and for the players that can put up big numbers, hype and also improved draft stock normally follow. Players who have donned the Burgundy and also Gold space not strangers to incorporate success. Before the 2019 NFL Combine begins on Tuesday, let"s take it a look at at some memorable performances indigenous Redskins past and also present.

Troy Apke"s 4.35 40 gets a reaction native Deion Sanders

Anytime you can acquire Primetime to it is in impressed v your work, you recognize you"re law something right. The Redskins fourth-round pick in the 2018 NFL draft did simply that, running a 4.35 40-yard dash in Indianapolis.

Though Apke didn"t get to show off that rate much during his rookie season because of injuries, he could prove to be a rapid option in the secondary come year two.

Champ Bailey"s speeds right into an all-time 40-yard dash

The first two on this list type of to the right a layout for the Redskins: they could like really quick players in the secondary. In 1999, Bailey ran a 4.28 40-yard dash before being selected seventh in its entirety by Washington a couple months later. Being that is to be the an initial year that the NFL had electronically clocked the drill, Bailey immediately boosted himself into elite firm with that run. Today, his time tho ranks toward the top.

Samaje Perine out-muscles the competition

If you"ve ever before looked at Samaje Perine, this stat might not even surprise you. To put it simply, the guy is developed like a truck. The running earlier showed that his muscle aren"t just for present at the 2017 NFL integrate when the bench pressed 225 pounds 30 times. Not only was that six much more than any kind of other to run back, however it was much more than some offensive lineman placed up. 

Vernon Davis does the all

Doing well at the bench press of the 40-yard dash is a feat top top its own. Exceeding in both makes you miscellaneous close to a superhero. At the 2006 NFL Combine, Davis performed choose a real-life superhero. To run a 4.38 40, benching 225 pounds 30 times and adding a 42-inch vertical run for great measure, Davis had actually a day come remember in ~ his combine. 

Darrell eco-friendly runs an superior 40, in ~ 50

Okay, so perhaps this one didn"t officially occur at the combine however it is too impressive to leave off the list and it sticks v the theme. There are rumors that throughout his time in the NFL, eco-friendly ran 40-yard dashes that hovered around a 4.15, through some civilization believing the got below a 4.1. Eco-friendly was a track star at Texas A&M, so that is not impossible to dominance this out. However, what we do recognize is the at period 50, the ran a 4.43 time simply for fun. The is something that cannot it is in ignored.

Quick upgrade from the date of birth Boy:) i think this day I became the more quickly 50 year old in the world!
9AM today, I celebrated my 50th BDay.....

— Darrell eco-friendly (
darrellgreen28) February 15, 2010

By running the 40 garden dash in Orlando, Florida in a time the 4.43! FYI, every born in between 1946 -1964 space baby boomers...

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— Darrell environment-friendly (
darrellgreen28) February 15, 2010

To placed these performances in perspective, here"s that ranks in ~ the peak for the 40-yard dash and bench push in NFL integrate history.

Top 40-yard dash times

T-4. Dri Archer and Jerome Mathis (4.26 seconds)

T-2. Rondel Menendez and also Chris Johnson (4.24 seconds)

1. John Ross (4.22 seconds)

Top Bench press Performances

T-3. Mitch Petrus, Leif Larsen, Mike Kudla (45 reps)

2. Stephen Paea (49 reps)

1. Justin Ernest (51 reps)

Now go back and look at what part Redskins players did. Nice crazy, right?

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