If you've always wanted to it is in a cheerleader, you've involved the right place! have a look in ~ the videos and also read our tips to assist you acquire on her way.. Congratulations - you have taken your first steps into the wonderful human being of cheer.. Be ready to be bitten by the Cheer Bug!

Learning arm movements is the very first thing come do as soon as you learn exactly how to be a cheerleader. They are the structures of cheerleading, and also you will check out them in stunts, dance, jumps, tumbling - EVERYWHERE. Whether you're a beginner, you have tryouts following week or you're an all-star cheerleader, you have to have strong arm activities to succeed.

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All cheerleading move are based on the basic technique of cheerleading motions: i beg your pardon are regularly the many critiqued element of cheerleading and to really do the difference between a beginner and also a pro.

BLADES - hands held open with fingers expanded together, thumbs flat.

FISTS - closed and tight, squeeze v the ignorance curled in former of the fists. You desire the "swirlies" or "cinnamon rolls" constantly to face the front unless doing the 'Touchdown' motion.

All her moves need to be carry out sharply. Imagine hitting a brick wall surface in the air.

Wrists should not be cocked, but in a right line through your arms. Thumbs need to be on the outside of your fists, with your pinky fingers at the back. Display your swirlies!

Your arms should always be in prior of you, also when law side movements such together a T or L

Shoulders must be relaxed for every motion, no up at her ears!

Practice in prior of the mirror. You may feel you're act the moves correctly, but you may not be!

THE 5Ps the ARM movement TECHNIQUE:

PUNCH - Fists / punches go first. Punch the air so difficult you watch it move!

POWER - all your activities should be executed with lots of power. Squeeze so difficult that if someone to be to shot and move your arms as soon as you room holding your movement they need to not it is in able to!

PATHWAY - use the quickest means to gain from allude A to suggest B. Punching first, do not swing, rest the motion or swing it.

POSITION - arms should always be in prior of you, also with a next motion. Check if your place is right. Host a High V or a T. Looking right ahead the you have the right to you view your fists? If yes, you space doing it correctly as her fists should always be in your ar of vision.

POSTURE - Make certain that friend don't slouch or stick the end your ship & backside. Save the core engaged, be solid and make yourself together tall together you can.


STEP 2 - discover THE LINGO

If you desire to be a cheerleader, you must speak cheer! practice learning every one of the cheer motions and straightforward steps to be a actual pro. Once you've learned and you can recall / demonstrate every one of your cheer movements you're ~ above your method to shot out because that the team!

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STEP 3 - TRAIN & practice

Don't it is in fooled into thinking cheer run is simpler than discovering cheer stunts. It's simply DIFFERENT! Cheerdance / pom run / sideline cheerleading / performance cheer are all component of the dance and performance side of cheerleading and requires a specific skillset:



Speed & Power




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STEP 4 - discover A CHEER dance ROUTINE

After you've practiced the basics, shot and discover a more tough routine. Difficulty yourself - it might take friend hours, weeks, months. The an enig of being a good cheerleader is perseverance! Some people may it is in born with natural ability, however it is just those through true determination to do it occur that will succeed.


You've gone through all the steps however you desire more? have actually you been bitten bad by the Cheer Bug? then it's time to contend or sign up with a experienced cheerleading team! once it concerns cheerleading there is no right or wrong - cheerleading come in numerous forms and also it's as much as YOU to choose the one the suits girlfriend best, provides you the many fulfilment and also makes girlfriend happy:

There are 6 main types of cheerleading, and also many sub-genres:

Sideline: Promotes and also supports competing sports teams in a tournament. Deserve to involve stunt and tumbling elements. Poms are often used.

Varsity Cheerleading: High institution or College groups that compete against others in an ordered tournament usually break-up by skill level and age.

All-Star Cheerleading: Private cheerleading maintain facilities and also organisations wherein the main emphasis is on creating teams for competitive cheerleading events. Routines will involve stunts and tumbling. Poms room not used.

Recreational: Classes and activities collection up for no unique purposes other than participation, ability attainment and an individual development.

Pom Dance: Main emphasis is run skills. Stunts or tumbling skills may be connected but space generally straightforward and generally used because that visual enhancement. Poms are offered throughout or for the bulk of the time.

Professional Cheerleading: Trained dancers performing as a team and also supporting a experienced sports team (usually receiving a fairy for their performance). Stunts and tumbling aspects are seldom utilised. Usage of poms relies on team and also sport (e.g. NFL agree cheerleaders use poms more often than NBA agree cheerleaders do).

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