The expression “ the chickens room coming home to roost” is well-known and often attributed to afri American, anti-imperialist, revolutionary leader Malcolm X following the assassination of president Kennedy in 1963. This refers, the course, to median that the wrongs committed by an individual or political entity will likewise have a boomerang effect and also come ago to punishment the wrongdoing party in a comparable vein.

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Remember the some referred to the slain president as “Bay that Pigs Kennedy’ together he was thought about responsible because that the abortive CIA- sponsored intrusion of Cuba in 1961.

When applied to the January 6 attempted coup in ~ the Capitol it deserve to only carry to psychic the numerous similar right-wing coups the U.S. Government has organized roughly the world, indigenous Guatemala to Indonesia to Chile.

But, the objective of this column is to point to the require for those that committed wrongs versus the Republic come be carried to justice. I must echo the recent words of Sen. Bernie Sanders: “The rioters have to be charged with treason and sedition and also should be severely punished.”

These traitors want to collection up a brand-new government and defy the will of the people. They were opposed to the facility of a democratically elected government and also attempted its overthrow. This is treason.

Moreover, GOP to represent complicit in this sordid venture should not just be expelled indigenous Congress yet should be likewise charged. Law enforcement officers involved should also be charged. The message needs to be sent that treason and sedition shall not be tolerated but shall it is in rooted out and severely punished because that the offenses are severe.

To not charge and also punish these thugs would be regarded by lock as an effort at appeasement. We must well recount that there is no appeasing fascists. Hitler was not appeased by the attempts of Chamberlain to execute so the was just emboldened.

Moreover, in the exact same vein, the impeachment the Trump should go forward. The hypocritical calls of the Republicans for “unity” have to be provided no consideration. There can be no unity v fascist thugs, brown shirted goons and their supporters including the legislator who supported them.

“The Only great Democrat is a Dead Democrat.”

This well known phrase used in a video retweeted by Trump was from a speech offered by Cowboys for Trump founder Couy Griffin in may in new Mexico. This is indigenous a racist, genocidal rant do by U.S. Amy officers and also settlers in campaigns against Indigenous nations in the so late 19th Century, in i beg your pardon the statement read, “The only an excellent Indian is a dead Indian.” I’m certain Cowboy Couy was aware of the original statement. This was just another example the the fascist sentiment of Trump and also his supporters.

The charges against the rioters must be upgraded. So plenty of are being charged v minor offenses such as unlawful entry into a federal government building. This is ridiculous as they have to be charged through which they room abundantly guilty: sedition and also treason.

The republicans speak that “unity.” This is shameless hypocrisy and also deceit. There have the right to be no “unity” v racism and also fascism. The U. S. Government reached a unity, a rapprochement if friend will, after the polite War with racism through the treason of repair which ushered in 100 bloodstained year of “Jim crow Law” and savage lynchings of afri Americans.

Fascists and also racists cannot be appeased. They need to be defeated and punished.

As through all op-eds published by People’s World, this write-up reflects the opinions that its author.

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Albert Bender is a Cherokee activist, historian, politics columnist, and freelance reporter for Native and also Non-Native publications. He to be an organizer and also delegate come the an initial and 2nd Intercontinental Indian Conferences organized in Quito, Ecuador and also Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Recently, he has been an active participant and also reporter in the stand Rock battle in north Dakota. He is at this time writing a legal treatise on native American sovereignty and working on a publication on the war crimes cursed by the U.S. Versus the Maya world in the Guatemalan civil battle of the so late 20th century. Albert is also a former staff attorney with Legal solutions of east Oklahoma (LSEO) in Muskogee and a consulting attorney on aboriginal sovereignty, soil restoration, and Indian boy Welfare plot (ICWA) issues. That is the recipient of several Eagle Awards by the Tennessee aboriginal American Eagle Organization and also a previous Director of aboriginal American legal Departments and a Tribal windy Defender.