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One of our favorite finger/snack foods items to eat while watching sporting activities is chicken wings.

They are often deep fried and also fatty, yet these 1 point Chicken Wings will certainly blow your mind!

They taste so much like continuous naughty chicken wings yet have a portion of the fat and calories!


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One point I miss out on while ~ above this diet is cheeky food choose wings (who doesn’t miss junk food top top a diet?).

Not a diet, a lifestyle, right?

ns guess chicken wing aren’t the worst type of junk food, however if they room fried, they absolutely aren’t low calorie.

I’m a lover of most things spicy, therefore chicken wings have actually been a favourite of mine for fairly some time.

I will gain a arbitrarily chicken wing assault as shortly as the weather start to get colder and also football starts.

Pre-marriage and also pre-baby, my husband and also I would head to our favourite pub and also grill and stuff our confront with chicken wings while the town hall the Packers (or the Redskins, if it was on, he’s a die hard Redskins fan).

Man, I miss out on those days!

This 1 allude Chicken wing recipe is for this reason easy and quick.

I made these once my husband had actually his friend over because that his Fantasy football draft and also they to be a huge hit with every one of the guys, so i knew they were a winner and also I had actually to share.

I need to say…they are just like the real thing!

The taste is so good and the chicken is fall off the bone lovely.

I didn’t miss out on the fact that castle aren’t fried!

They are moist and delicious!

The cooking recipes is for this reason easy, just bake them because that a few minutes and also throw them in the slow cooker and also smell the deliciousness until they’re done!

You still obtain the sticky, messy, very delicious wings as with you would at any bar or restaurant.

What’s wonderful is that they are simple to make ideal at home.

These wings room made with hot wing sauce, however you have the right to easily change up the odor sauce as lengthy as girlfriend remember to count the points.

Wings room such a comfort food in ours household.

My husband loves wings but is likewise trying to eat better.

He loves these wings.

Any time he approves of any type of of my weight Watchers recipes I gain excited due to the fact that he is known to turn up his sleep to “diet” food.

These wing prove the eating healthy and balanced doesn’t have to be boring!

I personally love the smell that fills up the residence as I’m making these.

Smells are really powerful and understanding that what’s smelling for this reason delicious IS actually so delicious and also healthy it provides me giddy.


Just creating this short article is do me crave them again.

You will certainly not it is in disappointed and also you will feel so satisfied.

At only one point per wing, girlfriend can’t walk wrong!


1 allude Chicken Wings


Cooking Spray (I supplied Pam)3 pounds the skinned chicken wings1/4 tsp of freshly ground black color pepper3/4 cup of this sauce2 TSP to apologize cider vinegar1 tsp Worcestershire sauce2 cloves the garlic, minced


Preheat range to 450 degrees.Line a cookie sheet v foil, coat the foil with cooking spray so the wing don’t stick.Place the wing on the cookie sheet, season with pepper.Spray the chicken wings lightly with cooking spray.Bake wing at 450 degrees, uncovered, for 7 minute or till lightly browned.Spray slow-moving cooker with food preparation spray.Mix warm sauce with the garlic, vinegar, and also Worcestershire sauce in the slow cooker.Remove chicken wing from the oven and also move come the slow-moving cooker ~ draining castle on file towels.Toss the wing to coat them with the sauce mixture.Cover and cook on high because that 3 hrs or until the chicken is an extremely tender.

Freestyle clever Points: 1 point per wing

BLUE setup POINTS: 1 allude PER WING

GREEN arrangement POINTS: 1 point PER WING

PURPLE arrangement POINTS: 1 suggest PER WING

For much more delicious WW recipes, visit mine recipe web page here.


There you have it!

Delicious and also healthy, guilt totally free chicken wings!

Serve through your favorite dip, such together light blue cheese or ranch.

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I also cut up part celery and also served it through these wings, which to be the perfect compliment come the heat.

ns recommend eating them through a nice, cold, frothy beer as well! (But they are still very delicious if you decision to have milk instead)