Discoid eczema, also known as nummular or discoid dermatitis, is a irreversible (chronic) skin problem that causes skin to become itchy, swollen and also cracked in circular or oval patches.

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Without treatment, discoid eczema can last because that weeks, month or even years. It may additionally keep coming earlier – often in the same area that was influenced previously.


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Symptoms that discoid eczema

Discoid eczema causes distinctive circular or oval job of eczema. The can affect any part of the body, although that does not usually influence the face or scalp.


The first authorize of discoid eczema is usually a group of small spots or bumps on the skin. This then conveniently join increase to form larger patches that can variety from a few millimetres to several centimetres in size.

On lighter skin this patches will certainly be pink or red. On darker skin these patches can be a dark brown or they have the right to be paler than the skin about them.

Initially, this patches are often swollen, blistered (covered with tiny fluid-filled pockets) and also ooze fluid. They also tend to be really itchy, specifically at night.

Over time, the spot may become dry, crusty, cracked and flaky. The center of the patch additionally sometimes clears, leaving a ring of discoloured skin that have the right to be failure for ringworm.

You might just have actually 1 spot of discoid eczema, yet most people get several patches. The skin in between the patches is often dry.

Patches that discoid eczema have the right to sometimes end up being infected. Indications of one infection can include:

the job oozing a many fluida yellow crust developing over the patchesthe skin about the patches coming to be hot, swollen and also tender or painfulfeeling sickfeeling hot or shiveryfeeling unwell

When to seek clinical advice

See a pharmacist or GP if you think friend may have actually discoid eczema. They can recommend a an ideal treatment.

You should additionally seek medical advice if friend think your skin might be infected. You might need to use an antibiotic cream or, in severe cases, take antibiotics together a tablet or capsule.

A GP should have the ability to make a diagnosis just by assessing the influenced areas of skin. In some cases they may also ask inquiries or arrange part tests to rule out various other conditions.

A GP might refer you to a medical professional who specialises in skin conditions (dermatologist) if they're unsure of the diagnosis or if you require a spot test.

Causes that discoid eczema

The cause of discoid eczema is unknown, although that may occur as a result of having an especially dry skin.

When your skin is an extremely dry the cannot carry out an effective barrier against substances the come into contact with it. This could allow a formerly harmless substance, such together soap, come irritate her skin.

It's crucial to look very closely at all the chemicals in cosmetics and also toiletries that may have actually come into call with her skin. Call dermatitis, a kind of eczema resulted in by comes into contact with a particular irritant, may have actually a function in discoid eczema.

Some people with discoid eczema additionally have a background of atopic eczema, which regularly happens in human being who space prone to asthma and also hay fever. However, unlike atopic eczema, discoid eczema does not seem to operation in families.

Other possible triggers 

An outbreak the discoid eczema may sometimes be triggered by a boy skin injury, such together an insect bite or a burn.

Some drugs may additionally be associated with discoid eczema, together patches of eczema can show up in human being taking:

Dry environments and cold climates have the right to make discoid eczema worse, and also sunny or damp (humid) atmospheres may make her symptoms better.

Treating discoid eczema

Discoid eczema is generally a irreversible problem, yet medicines are easily accessible to help relieve the symptoms and also keep the problem under control.

Treatments include:

There are likewise things you deserve to do yourself to help, such as avoiding all the irritating chemicals in soaps, detergents, bubble baths and also shower gels.

Additional medicine have the right to be prescribed if her eczema is infected or specifically severe.

Occasionally, areas of skin affected by discoid eczema have the right to be left permanently discoloured after ~ the condition has clearing up.

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Find out an ext about dealing with discoid eczema.

Other species of eczema 

Eczema is the name for a group of skin conditions that reason dry, excited skin. Other species of eczema include: