19. San Diego, CA

Ratio: one place for every 2,788 world

With a populace of much more than 1.3 million, mountain Diego is the second-largest city in California. Although enjoy it a wide diversity of spiritual congregations, the beautiful city offers its citizens only 480 places specialized to religion. Situated close to La Jolla, the san Diego California (Mormon) temple is a stunning structure bearing the photo of an ice cream sculpture. The white, palace-style structure is 190-feet tall.Image courtesy that Antoine Taveneaux.

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17. San Antonio, TX

Ratio: one location for every 2,465 human being

With 561 religious-oriented structures serving that is 1.3 million residents, the second most occupied city in Texas achives 17th place in our list. The Cathedral of mountain Fernando, also known as the Church that Nuestra Senora de laCandelaria y Guadalupe, is among the oldest energetic cathedrals in joined States, built in between 1738 and also 1750. End 5,000 human being participate in weekend masses year-round.Image courtesy that Jim Nix.


15. San Francisco, CA

Ratio: one place for every 1,564 people

In its rather little surroundings of only 47 square miles, SF is no all business and also tourism, but additionally religion and also spirituality. 528 spiritual locations serve the city"s residents. The oldest surviving framework inSan Francisco, Mission san Francisco de Asis, also known together "Mission Dolores", was started in 1776. It welcomes anyone who wants to learn about its distinct history, or to gain its tranquil garden.Image courtesy that Scott Beale.


13. Miami Area, FL

Ratio: one location for every 1,303 human being Miami brings a significant spiritual contribution, counting as plenty of as 462 spiritual locations. One of the local spiritual landmarks is Miami Beach community Church, the an initial church ever created in Miami (in 1921).It is also an extremely progressive, together the church taken on open communion - meaning that every people, no matter who they space or wherein they space in your life"s journey, room welcome to participate.Image courtesy that Kwong Yee Cheng.


11. Chicago, IL

Ratio: one location for every 1,224 human being

The "Windy City" has every little thing a modern metropolis must have: business, technology, education, sports, and last yet not least religion. Chicago stands in 11th location in state of variety of spiritualvenues (2,218) for its populace of 2.7 million residents. A beautiful architecture and religious enclave is holy Name Cathedral, the chair of the roman inn Catholic Archdiocese the Chicago, and one that the biggest in the U.S. Photo courtesy of chris Smith.


9. Houston, TX

Ratio: one ar for every 1,085 civilization

The fourth largest city in the U.S. By population, counting over 2.1 million inhabitants, Houston is home to an exceptional 1,991 religious buildings, such together churches, synagogues, cemeteries, convents, and other such establishments.A remarkable instance is Lakewood Church, a non-denominational Christian mega-church, and also the largest congregation in the joined States.


7. Dallas, TX

Ratio: one location for every 909 people

With a wide selection of beliefs and also 1,366 religious establishments the welcome its 1.2 million residents, Dallas ranking no. 7. The Texan city is house to the an initial Baptist Church, developed in 1868.It was among the most expensive church building projects in modern-day American history. It also owns and also operates a school, a college, number of radio stations, and also Dallas Life, a mission because that the homeless. Image courtesy of Aidan Wakely-Mulroney.


5. Memphis, TN

Ratio: one ar for every 804 human being

Memphis is home to 815 religious venues devoted to 655,155 inhabitants of countless different faiths. Calvary Episcopal Church is a historical Episcopal church, established in 1832.The nave is the oldest public structure in continuous use in the city. Picture courtesy of cutting board R Machnitzki.

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3. Jacksonville, FL

Ratio: one place for every 562 people

A city that 747 square miles, Jacksonville secured a third spot top top account of its 1,488 places devoted to spirituality for all faiths and spiritual groups. Among them is the Basilica the the Immaculate Conception,the oldest Catholic congregation in Jacksonville. The Church was recently granted the designation minor Basilica due to the fact that of its historical and spiritual significance and the worthiness of its art and architecture.Image courtesy the Ebyabe.


1. Indianapolis, IN

Ratio: one location for every 289 people

Congrats Indianapolis! Here"s an superior number: 2,892 spiritual and spiritual venues serving just 834,852 inhabitants. That"s one location for every 289 civilization (wow!), ranking Indianapolis no. 1 in our peak 20!The Scottish Rite Cathedral, situated in downtown Indianapolis, is one of the biggest Masonic buildings, and has been defined as among the ideal examples that Neo-Gothic architecture in the unified States. Picture courtesy the Poco a poco .