Nestled up wherein the Rocky Mountains fulfill the Canadian border, Glacier national Park attracts travellers from throughout the U.S. And also around the world.

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It may seem far, yet it's actually quite easy to fly here. Easier than ever, in fact! Here's just how to paris to Glacier national Park, and also everything you need to understand for a smooth trip.

The key Hub: FCA Airport

Glacier Park international Airport (FCA) is the gateway to northwest Montana and the closest airport to Glacier national Park. The airplane is in Kalispell, just 12 miles from the town of Whitefish and also 30 mile from the West enntrance gate of Glacier national Park. Many tourist and lodging choices are in ~ a reasonably short journey from the airport.


Photo:Glacier Park worldwide Airport now serves every corners that the US.

Flying come Glacier directly

The Glacier Park airport has broadened rapidly over the past few years. There are more and an ext direct flights. The plane is serviced by most major airlines and has day-to-day flights from Seattle, Denver and other airline hubs.

Delta flies from Salt Lake City and also Minneapolis year-round while United has actually year-round flights native Denver and also Alaska airlines from Seattle. Allegiant Air has flights to/from ras Vegas and Phoenix through the year.

During the summertime, many airlines operate straight seasonal flights, including Delta indigenous Los Angeles and Atlanta, joined from Chicago, American airline from Dallas, Los Angeles and also Chicago, and Alaska airlines from Portland. The discount airline Allegiant Air additionally flies into FCA from Oakland and Los Angeles.

Connecting come Glacier

If there isn’t a direct flight available, guests have the right to still easily fly come Glacier Park global from most significant cities in the United states with just one layover. Check out the list above of urban serviced with straight flights and make the connection.

Best Time to Visit Glacier national Park

Glacier is beautiful and also easily easily accessible at any type of time of the year, v plenty of out adventure options accessible year-round. Things get particularly busy in July and also August, so protect against the summer month if you want to protect against the crowds.

The spring is a specifically exciting time come visit due to the fact that Going-to-the-Sun road is close up door to auto traffic and also only open to bikes, providing guests a truly distinctive experience. And winter lovers are spoiled for an option with every little thing from snowmobiling come skiing.

Another alternative to the North

Some international travelers will fly into Calgary, Alberta, and take the four-hour drive south to the northern regions that Glacier nationwide Park. Before crossing the border, guests have the right to stop at Waterton Lakes national Park in Alberta and also check the end the historic Prince of Wales many hotels in the town of Waterton.


Photo:Hop on the airplane to Glacier and also you'll be on the trails in no time!

Once you Land

When you touch under in Montana, whatever is easily available. Car rental, shuttles and also taxis space all available from Glacier Park international Airport. Numerous properties, consisting of Grouse hill Lodge, can arrange airport shuttles.

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Once you're here, getting about Glacier nationwide Park is a breeze, whether you’re top to Whitefish or West Glacier, or a tiny further down the road to eastern Glacier. And if you’re in search of places to stay in Glacier national Park, right here are part ideas.