The McGhee Tyson airport (TYS) is most likely your ideal bet if you setup to fly to the Smoky hills (stock photo)

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What renders the great Smoky mountains such a popular tourism location?

Well, yes the organic beauty, of course.

There’s the tradition. Human being return year ~ year, sharing the suffer with their kids and also grandkids.

More recently, the expansion of Dollywood has bolstered the region’s tourism.

And, the course, all the entertainment, dining and also shopping options. It’s simply a lot of fun.

But there’s an additional reason, one that can be often overlooked or, for the geographically challenged, misunderstood.

It’s that old actual estate chestnut: Location, location, location.

The centrally located Smoky mountains

The Smokies had actually the an excellent fortune to be located in the perfect point out to develop as a tourism destination.

With the confluence the several significant interstate arteries running right up come the mountains, several significant cities along the east coast, right into the Midwest and throughout the southern are within a reasonable drive.

In truth using Google Maps, ns counted 21 states, not consisting of Tennessee and also the Canadian district of Ontario, in ~ a 10-hour drive to Pigeon Forge.

Admittedly, for locations like brand-new York and Wisconsin, I used sites barely across the border to qualify, yet it’s tho an impressive amount of human being who deserve to reach the hills in a relatively easy drive.

Being local and also having lived within a reasonable proximity come the hills – even in Indiana or south Alabama – I’ve never really thought around how many people fly to the Smokies ~ above vacation.

But when nearly half the united States has somewhat reasonable driving accessibility to east Tennessee, the good Smoky mountains are one internationally well-known destination.

So, what perform you need to recognize if you flying right into the mountains?

If you’re travel internationally, it might be worth it come fly into an worldwide airport, favor Nashville, Atlanta or Charlotte (stock photo)

What about international flights to the Smokies?

If you’re flying internationally, you might be able to save sufficient money come make her flight location one of the worldwide airports, where you can rent a car and also drive to the mountains.

When i’ve flown internationally, it has been occasionally worth mine time to drive to Atlanta or Nashville to catch a flight.

I i think the turning back may additionally be true.

If you’re considering a huge international airport, Atlanta, Charlotte and Nashville room within around 3-4 hours from the Smoky Mountains.

What airline fly into the Gatlinburg Pigeon forge Airport?

The Gatlinburg Pigeon create Airport is a general aviation airport. The does not have actually commercial aircraft flights.

It is situated in Sevierville, not far at every from the back entrance to Dollywood and a good way come bypass Pigeon build traffic if you’re going come Gatlinburg.

Located on virtually 200 acres, the airport right now has 50 hangars and is home to end 100 aircraft, the Tennessee room of Fame, and also the Tennessee Museum of Aviation.

My hometown that Morristown uses a similar option.

The Morristown local Airport has undergone number of upgrades and also is about a 45 minute journey to Pigeon Forge.

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It have to be detailed that McGhee Tyson additionally has a fixed-base operator that solutions corporate jets and also private planes.

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Have you flown into the good Smoky mountains area? let us know in the comments!