Are you ready to fly to Myrtle Beach, south Carolina and turn your vacation setting on? with nine airlines and dozens of sewage destinations, Myrtle Beach international Airport is your ticket come The Beach and conveniently located top top the south end of Myrtle Beach, around one mile indigenous the Atlantic Ocean. You may also see the beach from the plane!


IMPORTANT an alert CONCERNING air TRAVEL: Please be aware of nationwide air service disruptions that may influence your trip. Please check flights prior to heading to the airport. Passengers are encouraged to check-in a minimum of two hours prior come flight leave for residential travel and three hrs for global travel. This enables time for airline check-in, obtaining a boarding pass, and also going v the protection screening process, which has a screening of her carry-on baggage.

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Route Map of Flights To and From the Myrtle beach Area


Flights from


Flights from


Flights from


Flights from



Things To recognize When You come in the Myrtle coast Area

Once you've arrived, don't worry over transport to your ultimate destination. Ride-sharing options, shore RTA and also several car rental agencies, taxi companies, and also limousine services are easily accessible to take it you wherein you must go.

The airplane Visitor facility hours vary by season. Scheduling at the airport will be based upon flight arrivals and also not a collection time each day.

The Myrtle Beach global Airport (MYR) is proud to announce its latest success in earning GBAC STAR™ facility Accreditation from the worldwide Biorisk Advisory council (GBAC). MYR is simply the 8th airport in the world, and the just airport in the Carolinas and also Georgia, to achieve this coveted accreditation. Click right here to find out more.

Additional local Airports

In addition to the Myrtle Beach global Airport, over there are number of other local airports offer the private and corporate sectors.

Beach Aviation Services is a full-service general aviation facility situated at Myrtle Beach international Airport.  various other locations include Grand Strand airplane located in phibìc Myrtle Beach between U.S. 17 and also the Intracoastal Waterway and Conway-Horry county Airport, located west of Conway on Hwy. 378.  All 3 FBO’s provide services consisting of parking, refueling, and also maintenance.  For much more information, visit

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The Loris-Twin urban Airport, 2 miles northeast the Loris, is an unattended, public-use airport.