As the old saying goes, “All good things must come to an end.”-1374 (Chaucer), and this has never rang true than in making closing speeches. Whether it be at a conference, during a big training or a special event. Everything has to come to an end and that is a fact. With that being said, some closing ceremony speeches can be tricky to write especially if you are told to write one and have no idea what to put. No worries, that problem will end too. Here are some 10+ closing ceremony speech to wow the right audience.

Define Ceremony

A ceremony is a formal presentation or a series of presentations either by a ritual or a convention. for these would be a wedding ceremony, a funeral, a graduation.

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Define Ceremony Speech

A ceremonial speech is a speech mostly given during a formal ceremony or a formal presentation. Since they are viewed as a formal event, it is common courtesy for some guests to give out ceremonial speeches. This of course also depends on the type of ceremony they are attending.

Importance of Ceremony Speech

Being able to give out a speech on an important or formal event is often seen as something highly regarded. You see this often helps people feel they are part of one big community, and the feeling of being equal with the people around them. Also, these types of speeches are often used to acknowledge the audience or some special guests of their achievements.

Tips on Writing and Presenting Your Closing Ceremony Speech

You are about to be making or writing a closing ceremony speech. Whether it is for a church meeting, a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, or an award. There are a lot of people watching you, and you are supposed to be making it the best or a good closing speech. What are you going to do? Don’t panic, here are some tips to help you with.Begin with a greeting: Begin with a simple greeting to welcome your guests, and the audience.Make eye contact: Do avoid bringing your copy of the speech in front. You can bring cue cards, and glance every now and then. But do not read your cue cards. You must maintain eye contact with your audiences.Voice, Tone and Intonation: Keep an eye on your voice projection, your tone and your intonation. When making closing speeches, be careful you are not going to hurt someone’s feelings nor mispronounced someone’s name. Practice makes perfect.


I am going to attend a funeral, and I am told to make a speech. How do I make it respectful without saying the wrong things?

Use the correct words to say. Practice before you make the speech. Watch your tone and voice.

What type of tone should I use when making speeches for a wedding?

A joyous tone as this is a wedding you are attending. Most if not all weddings are usually a happy event.

Why am I not allowed to bring the copy of my speech?

The tendency is you will stop making eye contact at the audience and you are simply reading what you wrote. You are not engaging with the audience and that is also considered rude.

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Any advice on how to memorize my speech?

Be familiarized. Practice on your speech with someone. Bring cue cards but avoid bringing the whole copy of your speech.
Closing speeches for any type of occasion does not always mean it’s a sad event. Nor does it mean it has to be a boring event as well. When making your speech, interact with your audience, make them feel that they are part of the event as much as you are. Watch your tone when making and writing them as well, as a closing speech can also be a sad one especially when made in a funeral. But most of the time, closing speeches are used for happy events. With that being said, remember practicing makes it better.