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The second pest is that if you have enough blue penguins drilling, you’ll have the ability to tip the Iceberg. Under it, the Beta cap is present, but you cannot collection it. This items was easily accessible for the Waddle ~ above Party in 2018, however then subsequently removed from everyone’s account.


Again though, come stress, these aren’t intentional and they’ll be fixed later on today.

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The Iceberg can be tipped right now due to the fact that we by chance uploaded the dorn one. The item will not be fixed, and the room will certainly be updated after that today.

-stu, society Penguin Rewritten administrator

However, I wanted to re-superstructure this as I know many human being have to be baffled by it! say thanks to you very much for reading!

Waddle on!

-Torres 126

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CP Rewritten: 12th Anniversary Party

October 22, 2017/

The 12th Anniversary Party has started on society Penguin Rewritten and will last till the 24th! The Coffee Shop has actually been completely redecorated, and also it’s currently even possible to tip the Iceberg!

This is the decorated Coffee Shop. It’s totally amazing and also custom-made, including the fabulous cake that supplies the color of vault party hats! In fact, there’s some really cool animations too, such as when you click the paper cup.


Also, you room unable to blow out the candles on the cake to earn the stamp, yet you will be able to do so once it’s the club Penguin Rewritten anniversary.

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However, if girlfriend click the tiny orange box on the floor, you’ll have the ability to see all the 12th Anniversary Party Hats! To pick one up, just click package again! It’s acquired a really nice orange design template to it!

The other substantial feature the this event is the capacity to pointer the Iceberg! the takes many drillers come drill on the Iceberg and also there’s no known exact an approach to do it tip, yet with sufficient penguins, the iceberg will flip over! that will reveal a dance floor, but the note is no present.


Underneath the Iceberg is the free “Blue Torque” item. To obtain it, merely click the article by the speaker on the right. The rain of the storm has additionally been removed because of the large amount of lag which it caused., in addition to some various other music changes to memory the Anniversary!

I yes, really love this Anniversary Party, a the majority of it is practice content that seems so cool! I’m also really hoping that part mascots log on soon, but Gary is shown to visit this month. The event ends on October 24th, for this reason be certain to log in on before then. Thank you an extremely much for reading!