Once you’ve accepted the mission, click on Aunt Arctic, who will phone call you around her missing purple and also green puffles.Use her map (in the upper-left corner) or her spyphone, and click top top the Ice Rink.

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3. In ~ theIce Rink, role to the right, pick up the photos on the ice, and also put lock in her inventory.


4. Use your map again and go ago toAunt Arctic’s igloo.

6. Give Aunt Arctic the photos of she puffles. She’ll currently trust friend to help her discover them.

5. Use your map, and also go to thePet Shop.

6. In thePet Shop, role to the left and click the keep in mind pinned come the roof that the puffle house.


7. The note is in mystery agent code, so you’ll must click code in the bottom-right corner to see the code translator.

8. We analyze most of the note, yet one component of the note is various each time you go on the mission. Girlfriend will need to decode that component on your very own using the password on the bottom appropriate of the screen. The note says: G has bag OF SOCKSYou need to decode how many pairs socks G has using the password translator. (We’ve decoded this example, which claims “forty-seven”).


8. Go to theSport Shopand talk with G.

9. Once he asks girlfriend if that can get you something, click “Yes, please!”

10. Then click “Do friend have any SPECIAL items?”


11. Gary will ask you how many socks that owns. Type your answer for how numerous pairs of socks G owns, indigenous the an enig message friend decoded in the pet Shop (the number of socks transforms every time you walk on the mission, for this reason in your mission G may have actually a different number of socks!).


12. After ~ you go into the correct number of socks, click “May I see some spy gadgets?” and G will present you some spy equipment.

13. Put the life preserver shooter and also grappling hook in your inventory.

14. Walk to theIceberg.

15. Usage the the life preserver shooter come launch life preservers to help the stranded penguins. Make sure you clock the wind direction in the bottom left and aim carefully. Friend have unlimited preservers, so store trying!

16. Go toSki Mountain.

17. Speak to the crying penguin that will tell you around his broken telescope.

18. Bring up her inventory, and also click your spy phone.

19. Click the red-blinking irradiate at the top of her spyphone. A few tools will fold out, click the Wrench.

20. Use the wrench come the telescope to resolve it.

21. Look v the telescope and also scroll to the left to see the Aunt Arctic’s environment-friendly puffle flying about the tallest mountain.

22. Use your map and also click theTallest Mountain.

26. Open your inventory and also take the end the Grappling Hook. Scroll up to the top and throw it come the highest component of the Tallest Mountain.

27. You’ll climb to the peak of the mountain and you’ll find her green and purple puffle acquisition pictures!

28. When you return Aunt Arctic’s puffles, you will do it be offered a medal of excellence!

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