Every song In coming 2 America The coming 2 America soundtrack includes modern-day updates on "90s classics and also features one R&B anthem from john Legend. Inspect out the complete list.

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Coming come america 2 every song
The Coming 2 America soundtrack includes contemporary updates top top "90s classics, and also features an R&B anthem from the esteemed man Legend. Not only does the highly-anticipated Coming to America sequel incorporate over 20 monitor throughout the 110-minute runtime top top Amazon Prime, but also includes cameos indigenous several well known musicians. Jermaine Stegall"s score aligns through the major African setting, however, there"s a touch of Americana in the selected music.

Coming 2 America choose up approximately 30 years after the events of the 1988 film. Eddie Murphy stars together Prince Akeem, that becomes King the Zamunda and also learns the he has a son called Lavelle (Jermaine Fowler) in Queens, new York. When the rightful heir to the throne come in Africa, Akeem"s mam Lisa (Shari Headley) and oldest daughter Meeka (KiKi Layne) realize that legacies are being prioritized over every little thing else. Coming 2 America offers different perspectives top top accountability, legacy, and familial loyalty.

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The Coming 2 America soundtrack contains callbacks come the original film, especially when Akeem"s servant, Oha, shows up on screen. In the very first act, the featured tracks suggest that the royal household is well-versed in brand-new Jack totter music, while later on sequences in the Amazon prime movie have an afri feel. In a standout moment, actress-musician Teyana Taylor performs throughout a Zamunda ceremony, which may remind some viewers of she appearance in Kanye West"s music video clip for "Fade." Here"s every featured tune in Coming 2 America.

"Mbube" - Written through Solomon Linda

"Fresh Peaches & Sugarcube rap (From coming to America)" - Janette Rosillo & Vanessa Colon

"Let Me be the One To" - John Acosta

"Whatta King" - En Vogue & Salt-N-Pepa

"Soul Gro" - Stokley

"Midnight Train native Zamunda" - Gladys Knight

"Queendom" - Tiffany "Delilah" Miranda Feat. Meangirl

"I"m a Bluesman" - Written by man DeJesus

"We acquired the Moves" - Beau Young Prince

"He Don"t know Nothin" Bout It" - Jam & Lewis & Babyface

"Get Off" - Teyana Taylor, Jermaine Fowler & Brandon Rogers

"African Bliss" - Written by David Baluteau, Nastasia Paccagnini & Madjid Fahem

"To it is in Loved" - Brandon Rogers

"Coming 2 America" - John Legend & Burna boy Feat. Nile Rodgers

"Smash the Crowd" - Public opponent Feat. Ice-T, PMD

"I"m a King" - Bobby Sessions Feat. Megan Thee Stallion

"Go Big" - YG

"Koroba" - Tiwa Savage

"These Streets" - Mi Casa

"Waka Waka" - Tekno

"The Humpty Dance" - Leslie Jones & Shari Headley

"Assurance" - Davido

"We are Family" - Randy Watson & sexual Chocolate

"She"s your Queen" - John Legend

Coming 2 America ~ above Amazon Prime
in ~ the 10-minute mark in Coming 2 America, "Let Me it is in the One To" kicks in during a revelatory flashback sequence. Moments later, "Soul Gro" dram as mary prepares because that an intimate bedroom encounter. "Whatta King" is performed by En Vogue and also Salt-N-Pepa throughout a funeral sequence, and also Gladys knight belts out "Midnight Train from Zamunda" in honor of King Jaffe Joffer.

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"Coming come America" scores the moment when Akeem bring away a trip to the joined States, and "We obtained the Moves" is used to to mark Lavelle"s delight upon showing up in Zamunda. During Bopoto Izzi"s development sequence in Coming 2 America, Teyana Taylor and Jermaine Fowler do "Get Off."

When Uncle Reem come in Zamunda, "Smash the Crowd" catches the character"s bravado. Moments later, "I"m a King" plays together Lavelle trains to it is in a prince. "Go Big" set in as soon as Meeka provides lessons to her brother, and also "The Humpty Dance" is summary performed by Lisa and Mary throughout a imperial event. In the last act, Randy Watson (Murphy) sings "We room Family," and also Coming 2 America closes the end as john Legend performs "She"s her Queen" in a credits sequence.