Getting exact roof measurements can be an overwhelming but v this roofing calculator, you’ll be well prepared to take measurements of any type of roof. Whether you’re a contractor looking come train a new employee or a homeowner looking to carry out some renovations, you’ll uncover this guide valuable for any kind of roofing project. Use the step-by-step guide listed below to correctly measure her roof and estimate roofing costs.

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First, measure the length and also width the each surface ar on the roof, then multiply these worths to acquire the square footage of the surface. Make sure to file the variety of chimneys, skylights or various other obstructions and also include dormers in her measurements. You’ll also be recording the length of your residence throughout this an initial step in order to calculate your total area.

Add increase the square footage because that each surface ar to acquire the total square footage of her roof. Because that example:



The next step is to measure up the key (also described as the roof slope) of the roof deck. You’ll require to number out the vertical distance (also recognized as the rise) end a 12” horizontal segment (also known as the run). Record these worths as roof rise over run, v the vertical measurement listed first and the horizontal second.

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the roof pitch will certainly be dramatically various for residences with a level roof than dwellings with a steep roof.

Forget the concern over tree obstructions or surprise overhangs. Protect against wasting time, money, and also resources by visiting a jobsite over and over again. Carry out it right the very first time. Every it bring away is a few photos uploaded come the app, and the remainder is done because that you.



Save time and reduce threats by using the roofing calculator app. Rise a roof and taking dimensions by hand can be dangerous and time-consuming. If you want to conserve time and reduce the threat of injury, we’d recommend you try the roofing calculator app. By taking simply a few photos v your smartphone, you can get a fully scaled 3D design with precise exterior dimensions for the roof, siding, and all openings. This help general contractors to quickly provide specific pricing estimations and also visualize different materials and colors for homeowners. Try today – your very first property is ~ above us!

The purpose of calculating the an exact measurements that a roof is to ensure the the proper amount that roofing products are ordered – even if it is you have actually a shingles roof, gable roof or metal roof. Here are some usual roofing materials and also considerations because that each:

Shingles are commonly sold in bundles. Depending upon the type and brand that shingle, it might take a different variety of bundles to do a square. When cost comparing shingles, remember to base price top top squares and also not ~ above bundles.

Metal roofing is commonly sold by the sheet or panel. To recognize the variety of sheets or panels necessary to sheathe the roof, division the width of the roof by the sheet or dashboard coverage width.

The simple square footage and also length calculations detailed above should aid estimate as whole cost for various other materials. Extr roofing products that need to be accounted for encompass items such together leak barrier, deck protection, drip edge, rake edge, ridge vents, and also hip and also ridge caps. does an ext than just provide accurate roofing measurements and drawings in the common 2D format. The roofing application lets builders see and interact with measurements in 3D, allowing them to quickly visualize certain dimensions. Plus, the 3D rendering allows you to architecture the roofing project beforehand. can reduced down on your time taking measurements on the task site and also calculating estimates in the office. Roof dimensions are then provided to quote any roofing job and completely eliminate the need to re-measure.

For contractors, this means all members of her team (sales, production, installation, etc.) and the homeowner can be ~ above the same page once it concerns the roofing job. Resources deserve to be allocated more efficiently and also work can be perfect on time and on budget.

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Our patented technology calculates square footage and linear measurements for the roof, siding, windows, trim and more. Simply snap a few photos that the exterior that the residence with the app and our patented modern technology will take it indigenous there. As soon as the digital building is complete, you will receive comprehensive exterior measurements and also an interaction 3D design to help homeowners style their projects.’s measurements are the basis for its precise roofing calculator and will enable you come quote any type of job. Additionally, completely eliminates the must re-measure for roofing projects.