The Nintendo Wii to be a smash hit as soon as it to be released ago in late 2006. That is revolutionary idea of one active video clip game console readjusted the means people thought around gaming. Eventually, challenger Microsoft recorded up and also released the Kinect, and the gimmick lost its flare. Now the Wii is not practically as popular as it when was. The may have been a fad, yet many world still have actually these consoles, as they permit you to accessibility the internet and also play Gamecube and Wii gamings alike.

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Unlike some write-ups on below like the can be fried HTTP Error password List, this article is no an exhaustive list that covers every error codes you may encounter ~ above a Wii. It has several typical error codes and also the ones on this list all are connected to net connection. Getting these errors deserve to be extremely frustrating for users, together many human being use it for streaming solutions or play online.

These password are similar and may seem the exact same at an initial glance, however there are some subtle differences. Expertise these distinctions is critical in understanding exactly how to exactly them.

Nintendo has a an excellent support mechanism on their website where you have the right to look increase error codes and also it gives you a really detailed description of the problems and how to settle them. However, it might take part time scrolling through various pages, opening up lot of tabs, and also some the the wording is a little bit confusing. That’s why my goal because that this article is to leveling the process and make the language a little bit more understandable. This post is a one prevent for every little thing you should know about these error codes.

“I gained to play v Nintendo’s Wii, correct it’s a funny name and not an extremely revolutionary yet it was fun whipping your arms around”. – Olivia Munn

If the remedies fail for these error codes, make certain you visit Nintendo support for more assistance and also details on other error codes.


52030: Unable to attach to her wireless network

This error is lot more facility than 51030, as there room a pair things that could be causing it.

One reason could be the the security settings gone into into the console aren’t the same as what your router is set for. The may also be that your router is can not to provide the Wii and IP address automatically.

Do these solutions in order, and also make sure to test the link after each step.


1. Confirm protection Key

The very first and most basic thing you deserve to do is to make certain the security key and security form are gone into into the Wii exactly as they appear in your router’s settings. Save in mind that these secrets are situation sensitive, contain number 0 v 9, and only letter A through F.

You should have the ability to find your security vital on your computer where the router is conserved as a device, or periodically it is even listed on the router.

Linksys – – – –

After entering her IP address, click on the Subnet Mask box and enter The cool thing about this common subnet mask is the it have the right to be used no issue what brand that router you space using.

After start the subnet mask, select the Default Router box. Right here you go into a default gateway address, i beg your pardon again is different for each brand that router. Here are the very same brands, and you can find the others in the same method to find your IP address.

Linksys – – – –

Note: this numbers i am providing you are not the only you have the right to use, simply the many common.


Yes, I recognize the ache of hopping on her console and the network isn’t working. It deserve to make you desire to throw your remote at her TV. But, take it a deep breath and also look in ~ what error is coming up. The best component about this perform is the each solution anyone can finish within 5-10 minutes max. Besides just the Nintento Wii, gaming consoles are notorious for error codes; odds space you’ll have actually to deal with them some day. If you additionally use a PS4, check out our can be fried PS4 Error code List.

I expect you discovered this post easy to read and also helpful for resolving these common errors. If girlfriend have any questions or other an excellent pieces the information, make certain to leave a comment below.

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