"How to convert WLMP to MP4 there is no Movie Maker? I"m trying to upload a video I made through Movie maker to my YouTube channel, however the paper is WLMP. I recognize Movie an equipment is advantageous in this case, but I"ve switched to home windows 10 i m sorry is not pre-installed v Movie Maker."

The project document we save from windows Movie an equipment (also known as relocate Maker) is WLMP. It can be pertained to as a guide that instructs Movie an equipment where to uncover all the media items and also assets of her video. That"s being said, WLMP is no an yes, really media file format like MP4. Come play WLMP on windows 10, Mac, smartphones, YouTube, TikTok, you"ll require to convert WLMP come MP4. In this post, we"ll display you 5 helpful methods to convert WLMP come MP4 v or without windows Movie Maker.

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Convert WLMP to MP4 v Windows Movie Maker

Before the in-depth steps, let"s number out: can home windows Movie machine convert .wlmp to MP4?

Absolutely. However, just Windows Movie an equipment 2012 permits you to conserve the WLMP file as MP4. The earlier versions carry out not support the export of MP4 videos. Except that, windows Movie machine was phased the end by Microsoft years ago. Therefore, we suggest you navigate come our next component to learn how to convert WLMP to MP4 there is no Movie Maker.

Step 1. Launch increase Movie Maker, click paper > open up project, pick up the WLMP file that you"d favor to convert to MP4. Hit Open.

Step 2. Navigate come the top menu bar and click on save movie on the dropdown that File.

Step 3. Pick the desired output format from the various ready-made options.

save WLMP as MP4 or WMV

Step 4. In the food selection that appears, pick MPEG-4/H.264 or windows Media Video document for the file type, the former refers come MP4, and also the latter way WMV.

Step 5. As soon as you have actually made the appropriate choice, click Save to export the WLMP document as an MP4/WMV file.

Convert WLMP to MP4 through smashville247.net Converter

smashville247.net Converter might be the best WLMP come MP4 converter you"ve used therefore far. This amazing video converter functions flawlessly ~ above both home windows 10/8/7and Mac, supplying you pretty lot the easiest method to convert WLMP come MP4, MOV, AVI, and all various other popular and also rare formats without top quality loss.

Your Go-to choice to convert WLMP to MP4 without Movie machine - smashville247.net Converter

store things simple: one click to transform WLMP come MP4, MOV, AVI, MP3, DVD, and also other 370+ formats. No top quality loss: the imposed high-quality engine allows you to losslessly convert WLMP to MP4. Full control over the calculation file: customize video resolution, bit rate, format, sample rate, and others. rich preset: soon encode videos come YouTube, iPhone, Samsung, apologize TV… Hardware acceleration: transform WLMP come MP4 paper at speed up to 47x quicker than real-time play.

Step 0. After opening a WLMP record on windows Movie Maker, click record > conserve Movie, choose Windows Media video clip as the output record type. Hit save to save the WLMP record in WMV movie format.

Step 1. Open up up smashville247.net Converter. Hit video clip > +Video. Select the WLMP file that you"ve saved in the WMV document format because that importing.

Step 2. Go to the Target format section, fight Video. Pick MP4 H264, MP4 HEVC, or MP4 MPEG.

Step 3. Hit run to start to convert WLMP come MP4 on home windows 10/8/7 or Mac.

save WLMP as MP4 or WMV

Tips to transform WLMP to MP4 with the best photo quality:

step 1. Click the gear icon on next of the liked format.Step 2. Top top the new panel, move the high quality slider appropriate or rise the bitrate value. Action 3. Go back to the key interface and also check the box of usage High quality Engine.

Convert WLMP come MP4 Online with ZAMZAR

Online converters that assistance both WMV and MP4 layouts should be capable of convert WLMP to MP4 there is no Movie Maker. Feeling overwhelmed when trying to pick just one native the plentiful web-based options? take it it easy. There us share the two easiest techniques to transform WLMP come MP4 online. And also firstly let"s have a look at ZAMZAR.

The free account the ZAMZAR is provided 2 chances to transform WMA files with a size no larger than 150MB come MP4 every 24 hours. Prior to everything obtaining started, making sure you"ve currently convert WLMV to WMV v Movie machine on PC.

Step 1. Visit the main site of ZAMZAR, select include Files. Select the WMV document that"S saved via Movie Maker.

Step 2. Click the dropdown icon of transform To. Pick MP4.

Step 3. Click convert Now, ZAMZAR starts to transform WLMP to MP4 online.

Convert WLMP come MP4 Online v ZAMZAR

However, an virtual .wlmp come .mp4 converter will be just about at the bottom of my list to get. To transform WLMP to MP4 online, the processing speed very depends on your network conditions and the source WLMP file size. Worse more, the private security concern is tough to guarantee.

Convert WLMP to MP4 Online v Online-Convert

Unlike ZAMZAR that only enables the complimentary user to convert WLMP to MP4 double per day. Online-Convert is generous and also adequate for most users. V it, 20 time conversions have the right to be excellent every 24 hours. However, we cannot to speak Online-Convert is superior to ZAMZAR together the uploaded document size has to be smaller sized than 100MB.

Step 1. After conserving the WLMP file as WMV through Windows Movie Maker, open Online-Convert.

Step 2. Walk to video clip Converter, open its dropdown list, and select transform to MP4. This will lead you to a brand-new page.

Step 3. Choose Select documents to imported the WLMP paper you"ve conserved in the WMV format.

Step 4. Push Start to begin to transform WLMP to MP4 digital without Movie Maker.

Convert WLMP to MP4 through Online-Convert

Convert WLMP to MP4 cost-free with HandBrake

Need to convert WLMP come MP4 without limit or costing a dime? your go-to choice is HandBrake. It"s one open-source video converter, letting you convert WLMP come MP4, MKV, and also MKV there is no Movie Maker. As for codecs and other video properties, the prepares wealthy presets in wishes of offering you the finest viewing endure while watching castle on different platforms. However, Handbrake is no for every user. If you are hazy around the codec or compression, climate it might take hours and even days to transform WLMP come MP4 v the want result.

Step 1. Download Handbrake on your PC, Mac or Linux, and click on its icon to launch it up.

Step 2. Drag and drop the WMV document that you just converted native WLMP to the interface. Your papers will be effectively loaded up Handbrake in seconds or minutes later.

Step 3. Walk to the Preset tab, and also there you need to choose the best preset for the last MP4 video from the numerous alternatives shown in the lengthy list.

Step 4. Move your cursor to the summary section, and choose MP4 in the style tab.

Handbrake WLMP WMV to MP4

Step 5. Check Dimensions, Filters, Video, Audio, Subtitles tabs respectively to inspect whether the appropriate properties enhance the preset and the resource file. You need to be very careful in this step to get avoid distortion, a/v out-of-sync, picture/video/audio absent issues.

FAQs on WLMP to MP4

How to Play WLMP records on windows 10?

The sole regime that can play WLMP files is home windows Movie Maker. However, as stated before, it to be discontinued by Microsoft and also is not prebuilt on home windows 10 pc anymore. Luckily, you have the right to download home windows Live Essentials 2012 installer to acquire Movie device 2012 ago on your windows 10, and also then convert WLMP come MP4 for playing on home windows 10.

How do I convert a WLMP record to YouTube?

In windows Movie Maker, click YouTube top top the share tab after adding up the WLMP project. If you intended to convert a WLMP paper to YouTube without windows Movie Maker, you should an initial save the movie machine project together a WMV file, and then transform it to MP4 with converters like smashville247.net Converter prior to posting come YouTube.

How to convert WLMP to MP4 without home windows Movie Maker?

The first step is saving the WLMP record in WMV layouts in Movie Maker. ~ that, acquire a skilled media converter the goes compatible v WMV to turn the WLMP the you"ve conserved in WMV layout to the MP4 movie file.

What is a WLMP File?

WLMP describes Windows Live Movie Project. The is produced by home windows (Live) Movie Maker. WLMP is various from well-known movie documents like MP4 or MOV which hold audio/video/image streams and also can be viewed on a range of media players and also devices. What a WLM paper records space the location details for the entire media component of a video, and all the functions that have been done on the timeline. Therefore, you need to open a WLMP document by utilizing Windows Movie Maker.

How to open up WLMP File?

To open WLMP file on home windows Movie Maker: Right-click ~ above the paper folder the the source WLMP document and pick Open with. Choose Windows Movie Maker.

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To open up WLMP file without windows Movie Maker: conserve the WLMP document in the WMV document format. Next, you apply smashville247.net Converter or any type of other video converter to convert WLMP to MP4.

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