“As shortly as ns Hang increase the Phone:” Lynn-Twitty fourth No. 1 Hit

Released on august 17, 1974, “As shortly as i Hang increase the Phone” to be penned by American country music artist Conway Twitty. The is a tune he conceived because that a duet v his singing partner Loretta Lynn. Developed by Owen Bradley for MCA Records, the track was the an initial single from the duo’s 4th studio album, Country Partners.

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COUNTRY PARTNERS. Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty. | photograph Credits: discogs.com

Furthermore, “As quickly as ns Hang increase the Phone” go on to be the 4th no. 1 the Twitty and Lynn. In fact, it charted on height of Billboard Hot country Singles and stayed ~ above the charts because that 11 weeks in 1974. Also, the is a global hit reaching no. 1 ~ above the charts in as much as southern Africa.

As shortly as ns Hang up the Phone” portrays a call call between Lynn and Twitty. Lynn to represent a woman that is make the efforts to keep a crumbling relationship. Soon, she realizes the there’s no use conserving the partnership as it to be ending. In addition, the tune is a spoken-sung duet. Lynn provides the sung vocals when Twitty does the talked part.

Another fight to include to the Duo’s Career

There are plenty of country songs committed for breakups but this Lynn-Twitty duet is absolutely on the optimal list. “As soon as ns Hang up the Phone” is definitely a tune to reckon v as it is taken into consideration one of the many dramatic breakup songs of the genre.

Both stars already earned a good deal of success under your names. A absent & roll veteran in the 1950s, Conway Twitty became a country favorite in the second fifty percent of the 1960s. Loretta Lynn, on the other hand, to be a continuous country hitmaker in the 1960s. Prior to their duo to be formed, Lynn currently had joined Ernest Tubb for numerous duets.

Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty | photograph Credits: last.fm

In 1971, Twitty and Lynn teamed up and recorded “After the Fire is Gone,” which to be a no. 1 hit. Various other hits complied with like “Lead Me On,” and also “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.”

And in 1974, the duo released “As soon as ns Hang up the Phone” that is a memorable and melodramatic piece of theater. Shortly enough, it provided both Twitty and Lynn the 4th no. 1 single as a dynamic duo.

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Listen come Loretta Lynn and also Conway Twitty’s duet ~ above “As quickly As ns Hang up the Phone:”

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