As a primary care physician or pediatric emergency physician, you regularly are the first provider to check out a patient with an injury such as a fracture or dislocation. Often, your key goal is to make the patient as comfortable as possible and defend the injury until he or she watch a specialist.

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The application of Casts and Strapping password 29000-29799 deserve to be offered to report services when you are not planning come assume treatment for a fracture due to the fact that surgery might be compelled or the treatment is out of her scope.

You may administer an evaluation and also management (E/M) service and also stabilize the injury. You space not planning come assume treatment for this type of injury because surgery can be compelled or the treatment is the end of her scope. Or you determine that the injury is a sprain instead of a fracture, and you stabilize the injury to aid in healing. How deserve to you catch your services?

The Application that Casts and also Strapping codes 29000-29799 are supplied to report the following:

a instead of cast/strapping procedure, during or after the period of common follow-up care;

an initial business performed without restorative treatment or actions to stabilize or defend a fracture, injury or dislocation, and/or to afford ache relief come a patient;

an initial cast/strapping company when no other treatment or procedure is performed or supposed to be performed through the very same physician; or

an initial cast/strapping service, when an additional physician provides a restorative treatment or procedure(s).

Therefore, any time you watch an injury (including a sprain or strain), and also the application of a cast, strap or splint falls into any one the the categories listed, you may report the appropriate application password in addition to one E/M company with comprehensive 25, the is significant, separately identifiable and medically necessary.

For example, you see a young patient with an injured finger, and also a fracture is no suspected. You decide to lumbering the finger to keep it steady while the heals. No restorative solutions are to plan nor carry out you plan to refer the patient to a specialist.

You can report CPT code 29130 (Application the finger splint; static) for splinting the finger. You also can report supplies in addition to the procedure and E/M business if appropriate.

As a physician in an urgent care facility, you see a patient who fell off her bike. After an X-ray shows there is a fracture the her best arm, you place a temporary quick arm cast on her and also give her a pediatric orthopedic specialist’s number to call for an appointment.

You can report an proper E/M service code through modifier 25, password for the X-ray if appropriate, and code 29075 (Application that elbow to finger cast ) along with any supplies.

Since the an international period identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) is 0-days, any follow-up care detailed can be reported individually for those payers the follow CMS payment policies.

Keep in psychic the adhering to information when coding casts and strapping applications the fractures, dislocations and also injuries:

If the cast/strapping is applied in the office, climate supplies/materials deserve to be billed separately using CPT code 99070 or Level 2 HCPCS codes.

If the crucial components of one E/M organization are met at the time of a cast/strapping application, climate report the suitable level of E/M code, through the 25 modifier appended.

The July Coding edge will comment on how to code for fracture or dislocation care when a physician decides to treat the injury.

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