ICD-10-CM Documentation 2021 (Essential Chartin Guidance to Support clinical Necessity) first Edition Set)

Basic – Cpt password 74220/74230 modification Barium Swallow

Barium gulp down studies room coded an extremely frequently in radiology. Studies related to esophagus space done v Barium swallow. Any kind of problem through food swallowing procedures always make physicians to test with barium sloop down studies. Esophagram has two CPT password 74220 and 74230, common Barium swallow and also Modified Barium swallow. Both are done to find any type of abnormalities favor hiatal hernia or gastroesophageal reflux (K21.9), regarded swallowing role of esophagus. GI reflux and also hiatal hernia constantly fulfill the medical necessity the modified barium gulp down cpt code. 

The diagnosis plays a important duty in coding procedure codes. Over there are various other procedure codes for HIDA scan (CPT 78226 & 78227), bone scan, mammogram, chest x-ray, abdominal ultrasound, MRI test etc. Which room performed for specific diagnosis. Also, along with barium sloop down exam, we have upper GI series codes (74240-74250), i beg your pardon share similar diagnosis codes. Coding these exams will certainly surely assist in boosting your coding skills.

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Both steps have typical sign and also symptoms. Modified barium sloop down cpt code requires an ext specific diagnosis as primary and also secondary, to be get paid for some payers in US.

74220, Radiologic examination, esophagus, consisting of scout chest radiograph(s) and delayed image(s), when performed; single-contrast (eg, barium) study

74221 double-contrast (eg, high-density barium and also effervescent agent) study

74230 Swallowing function, v cineradiography/videoradiography (Video Fluoroscopy)

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MRI CPT codes provided in Radiology Facility


Procedure because that CPT code 74220, 74221 & 74230 (barium sloop down vs amendment barium swallow)

The examine is carry out on esophagus, a muscular tube, which brought swallowed food and also liquids because that the pharynx to stomach. Photos are acquired of the esophagus, regularly to evaluate structural abnormalities the the esophagus and vessels. A scout movie (one acquired without the use of a contrast medium) may originally be take away of the chest. The patient then swallows a single-contrast (barium sulfate) material in 74220 or a double-contrast (high-density barium and also effervescent agent) material in 74221, after i m sorry one or more radiographic views space obtained, through or without delayed images. This study is typically referred to as a “barium swallow.” Abnormalities pertained to esophagus favor reflux, varices etc. Space diagnosed through this study. Number and type of views have nothing to carry out with this exam.

In rarely circumstances, a patient’s symptoms might require a much more extensive testimonial of the esophagus, an especially of the cervical esophagus, requiring multiple patience positions, video or cine recording , and dual contrast hypopharyngogram images. In this cases, the reporting of both an top GI code (74240-74251) and also a “radiologic examination, pharynx and/or cervical esophagus” code (74210) might be shown when both actions are performed in the very same session or on the very same day.

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advance coding guide for selection of major diagnosis

Procedure for CPT password for Barium gulp down Modified

In various other unusual situations, an check of swallowing function, pharyngeal and/or esophageal motility or modified barium swallow may additionally be perform (CPT code 74230) in addition to an upper GI series. This examine provides important information about a patient’s capability to ingest products of differing consistencies from fluid to solid the is not innate in an top GI examination. When the swallowing function (code 74230) is carry out concurrent through an top GI, that is report separately. This password is not included in the CCI edits; therefore, the addition of the 59 comprehensive is no necessary. 

Modified Barium sloop down is slightly advanced compared to barium swallow. In this procedure the patience is inserted in upright position and foods and also liquids are mixed with barium and given to patient. Fluoroscopic pictures are derived once the patient swallows the food and liquids. Here, pictures are videotaped with the aid of video recorder which can use for later study together well. So, in ~ this allude normal Barium gulp down is different from modification Barium Swallow. In the procedure medical professional examine actions of food and also liquid in mouth, chewing, swallowing and movement that food in esophagus. Photos taken throughout these procedure helps in diagnosis of any kind of abnormality related to swallowing role like gastro-esophageal reflux, obstruction, hiatal hernia etc.

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What space POA indications in Inpatient Coding?

Never bill CPT code 74220 & 74230 together

CPT code for barium swallow (74220) is had in through modified barium swallow procedure code (74230). Edit exists v 74230. 74220 is a obelisk 2 code. If both 74230 and 74220 are submitted, only 74230 will certainly be paid. 

Modified barium gulp down is a much more extensive procedure and includes barium swallow exam. NO modifiers associated with the CCI are allowed to be offered with this password pair.

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CPT codes provided for evaluation and treatment of swallowing and also feeding disorders

Report a clinical evaluation of swallowing and feeding with CPT 92610 (evaluation the oral and pharyngeal swallowing function). Because that treatment, usage CPT 92526 (treatment that swallowing dysfunction and/or oral role for feeding).