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Use the portal come pay her premium, check your deductible, change your doctor, request an identifier Card and also more.

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Use the portal come pay your premium, check your deductible, change your doctor, request an identifier Card and also more.

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Member synopsis / tools & sources / " property="name" aria-haspopup="true">…Where To acquire Care offers a focused network the health treatment providers. In order to have actually your health care services spanned by her plan, girlfriend must gain them from a network provider. The just exceptions are:

In situations of emergency;If you require medically necessary, extended urgent treatment services when traveling out of our business area; orWhen particularly authorized by

You have the right to use our discover a Doctor/Provider search tool to uncover a network provider or care location near you. Usage the filters in the right obelisk to discover providers in network for your plan, and also search by specialty and also more. desires you to be happy v your doctor and also the network of suppliers we offer. If you have suggestions the would improve our network, we want to hear indigenous you. Re-superstructure your concepts with us on the accessibility Opportunity Form. The access Opportunity form gives you a opportunity to imply a physician for ours network, call us around things like if that is basic to schedule appointments, and more.

Your Primary care Provider (PCP)

Each member has a primary treatment provider (PCP). Her PCP is a doctor, group practice, progressed practice nurse or progressed practice nurse team practice trained in family medicine (general practice), interior medicine or pediatrics. Your PCP will:

Work with you to direct your wellness careTreat friend for most of your health and wellness needsSend you to a specialist, if neededAdmit you come the hospital

Going to the very same PCP every time you need treatment will help your PCP get to recognize you and your needs. The far better your PCP get to know you and also your clinical history, the better your PCP will have the ability to treat you.

If friend haven’t chosen a PCP yet, girlfriend can contact Member solutions or log in on to to find one. If you are a new patient for your PCP, friend should contact to schedule a visit. This will help your PCP obtain to know your wellness needs ideal away. You need to go for your an initial visit in ~ 90 days of joining


It is vital to go to your planned PCP visits. Contact the doctor’s office at least 24 hours before if you require to readjust or publication a visit.

Preventive Care

Your PCP will play a large role in your preventative care. Routine wellness exams, tests, and screenings can aid find and treat difficulties early before they obtain worse.

Where to Get care After Hours

We desire you to obtain the right care from the appropriate health treatment provider when you need it. If your doctor’s office is close up door or if girlfriend are really sick or hurt, you have actually options.

smashville247.net24® Nurse Advice Line

smashville247.net24 provides around-the-clock accessibility to a caring and also experienced staff of registered nurses.

Our registered nurses can help you:

Decide once self-care, a medical professional visit or the emergency room is neededUnderstand a medical condition or recent diagnosisFind out more about prescriptions or over-the-counter medicines

You can call smashville247.net24 toll-free 24 hrs a day, 7 work a week, 365 work a year at: 1-844-206-5944 (TTY: 1-800-255-0056 or 711). The number is also on her ID card.


Telehealth uses your phone, computer, or tablet to speak come a provider. Telehealth is a convenient alternative for care, and also may reduced your possibility of being exposed to illnesses prefer the flu. The can likewise give you quick medical advice that have the right to prevent your problem from obtaining worse. Over there is no expense to use telehealth and it gets rid of the stress of needing transportation to and from the doctor’s office.

Your PCP may offer telehealth services on her phone or computer. You deserve to talk to your PCP from wherever you are. Please inspect with her PCP for easily accessible options and to learn more.

Learn much more about the options supplies for telehealth visits.

Convenience treatment Clinics and Urgent treatment Centers

The network contains urgent treatment centers and also retail health and wellness clinics within drug and also grocery stores to aid you get care when and also where you require it. These clinics regularly have evening and weekend hrs and allow walk-ins. Friend can find these network carriers through uncover a Doctor/Provider.

Urgent care is for non-emergencies. They space for when you can’t check out your PCP best away. They aid keep one injury, sickness, or psychological health issue from gaining worse. If you think you must go to urgent care, girlfriend can:

Call her PCP for advice.Call smashville247.net24, ours nurse advice line.Go to a network urgent treatment center detailed in our uncover a Doctor/Provider tool.

After you go, always call your PCP come schedule follow-up care.

When girlfriend are external the service area, you can not be able to get care from a network provider. In the case, our arrangement will cover urgently needed treatment you acquire from any provider within the United says or that is territories.

Emergency Services

If you have actually an emergency case now, call 911 or go to the nearest ER. Emergency solutions are for major health concerns that should be treated best away. Instances of medical concerns needing emergency treatment are:

Miscarriage/pregnancy through vaginal bleedingSevere chest painLoss the consciousnessUncontrolled bleedingMajor burns

Emergency care is extended both in and also out of our business area, in ~ the joined States. You carry out not have actually to call before you obtain emergency services. If you room not certain whether you need to go to the emergency room, speak to your primary care provider or the smashville247.net24 Nurse Advice heat or her doctor.

When you Are outside of Our business Area

If friend have an ext questions about where to get treatment after hrs or outside the business area, refer to the Navigatemember handbook.

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Member Services: 1-855-202-0729 (TTY: 1-800-255-0056 or 711), Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 7 p.m.