Juliet’s nurse is the main resource of comic relief throughout the play. Forgetful, long-winded, bawdy, and seemingly immune to embarrassment, the nurse is happy come share cringe-worthy stories from her very own past and also Juliet’s with anyone who will listen. The nurse has actually been caring because that Juliet due to the fact that Juliet was born, and even nursed she from her own breast. She loves Juliet deeply and, though employed by Juliet’s parents, Capulet and Lady Capulet, frequently goes against them in stimulate to perform what Juliet wants or needs of her. The nurse has a romantic side, regularly languishing in rambling stories around her late husband, and also so once Juliet asks she nurse to help her secretly accomplish with and also marry Romeo, the nurse is all too happy to help. In ~ a details point, however, the nurse’s age and also pragmatism kick in—she stops helping Juliet go after Romeo and starts encouraging she to make the safer selection of listening to her parents and marrying Paris. Juliet’s connection with she nurse is both complex and comical; though frequently treated choose a friend and confidant, at the finish of the day, the nurse is compelled to realize the she’s eventually little more than hired help.

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The timeline below shows where the character The Nurse shows up in Romeo and also Juliet. The fancy dots and icons indicate which themes are associated with that appearance.



At the Capulet house, Lady Capulet asks Juliet’s nurse to call for Juliet. Juliet enters and also asks her mom what she wants. Lady Capulet...(full context)

The nurse says one critical thing—that if she resides long sufficient to watch Juliet married, she will...(full context)
...have arrived. Lady Capulet bids Juliet to follow her out to the feast, and the nurse urges Juliet to go and also “seek happy nights to happy days.”(full context)
...hands do.” he kisses her, and she states that he kisses “by th’ book.” Juliet’s nurse records them and also tells Juliet her mom wants to speak come her—Juliet hurries away. Romeo...(full context)
...an end. Romeo and his kinsmen begin sneaking out of the party. Juliet asks her nurse who Romeo is. The nurse pretends she doesn’t watch Romeo, and also when she does admit...(full context)
Juliet’s nurse calls for her, and Juliet speak Romeo that she has to go inside but will...(full context)
Juliet’s nurse and Peter enter and greet the Montague men. The nurse wishes them great morning, but...(full context)
The nurse tells Romeo how little she cared for Mercutio’s “saucy” jokes and chides Peter for remaining...(full context)
Romeo gives the nurse some money for she trouble, despite her protestations, and informs her the in...(full context)
In the courtyard of the Capulet manor, Juliet paces nervously—her nurse is no yet back from conference Romeo, and she is worried around what might have...(full context)
The nurse says that Juliet has made a “simple choice” in Romeo—though he is handsome and also gentle, she...(full context)
The nurse begs Juliet to calm down, climate asks if she has permission to go to confession...(full context)
The nurse enters through Romeo’s rope ladder, and also Juliet asks if she brings any type of news. The nurse...(full context)
The nurse points the end that Romeo did death Juliet’s cousin. Juliet wrestles v the emotional and moral...(full context)
Friar Laurence asks that is knocking, and Juliet’s nurse calls out, stating that she has brought a article from her lady. She enters, and,...(full context)
...Verona find a method to for sure a pardon indigenous the prince. The friar urges the nurse to go back to Juliet and also tell her the Romeo is coming for her. The nurse...(full context)
...dawn and laments that as “more light” breaks, his and also Juliet’s troubles prosper “darkThe nurse enters and announces that Lady Capulet is top top her method to Juliet’s room. Juliet states...(full context)
...marry Paris—she would, she says, marry she sworn enemy Romeo prior to him. Capulet and also the nurse enter, and also Capulet asks why Juliet is quiet crying—surely, that says, her mommy must have...(full context)
...but Capulet is for this reason angry the he phone call Juliet a “curse” upon your family. The nurse chides Capulet because that speaking so coarsely the his daughter. Capulet assignment the nurse, who he...(full context)
...whatever she wants—her parents are “done” with her, climate storms away Juliet, crying, asks her nurse what can possibly it is in done. The nurse urges Juliet come marry Paris, because Romeo is...(full context)
Alone, Juliet remarks what a “wicked fiend” the nurse is, and says she regrets having ever trusted her. Juliet resolves to go to Friar...(full context)
...guests and also another to uncover a cook who will make the food. The asks Juliet’s nurse whereby Juliet is, and the nurse tells him she at Friar Laurence’s. Capulet claims he...(full context)
Juliet asks she nurse to come through her to her room and assist her pick out adornments because that the...(full context)
In Juliet’s chambers, Juliet thanks the nurse for helping she to choose out clothes and jewels for the wedding, but asks the...(full context)
Very at an early stage the next morning, the Capulet manor is bustling together Capulet, Lady Capulet, Juliet’s nurse, and also several servingmen rush around the house preparing food, lighting fires, and also getting ready for...(full context)
The nurse beginning Juliet’s bedroom to uncover her resting soundly. She chides the girl for being lazy...

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(full context)
...Death, now, is his son-in-law. Paris is shattered, and joins Capulet, Lady Capulet, and the nurse in loudly and also dramatically lamenting Juliet’s horrible death. Friar Laurence make the efforts to alleviate their mourning...(full context)