bill Nye has actually made national news with his statements on creationism versus development on large Think. The large idea behind it:if you disapprove science, friend won"t succeed, and also we as a society won"t success to the fullest extent.


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What’s The recent Development?

The biggest development is no a development at all. Bill Nye, aka, “The scientific research Guy” is no dead, together was commonly reported this weekend top top Twitter. In fact, a large Think video titled “Creationism Is Not suitable for Children” has made news through having, as of this writing, over 1.7 million views and thousands of comments and Facebook likes. The video, which was posted on big Think in March however was only recently posted come our Youtube channel recently, has actually garnered a an excellent deal of media attention, consisting of from CNN, ABC, Slate, The Christian science Monitor and more.

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Watch the video clip here:

It is unclear specifically where the rumors the the popular children’s scientific research educator’s death started, but it seems most likely that they began with this article from The Onion, which fictitiously reported that Nye was killed in an accident when trying to to fill a warm air balloon by mixing baking soda and vinegar (which, by the way, to produce heavier-than-air carbon dioxide). Numerous news sources have additionally speculated that the rumor may have actually started as a backlash against Nye’s perceived assault on religion. This has actually happened before, notably neighboring an circumstances in which Nye to be booed and walked the end on by the audience in ~ a lecture in Waco, Texas because that stating (I child you not) that the moon mirrors the irradiate of the sun and produces no irradiate of that own. 

In the video, Nye states that if everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion, creationism is unequivocally wrong, and also that people who still believe it — or more importantly, urge it is taught to their kids — hold society back for everybody. Nye argues we require a scientifically literate and also educated population.

In his words: “I say come the grownups, if you want to deny evolution and also live in your world, in your world that’s totally inconsistent with every little thing we observe in the universe, that’s fine, yet don’t do your youngsters do it due to the fact that we need them. We need scientifically literate voters and taxpayers for the future. Us need world that can—we need designers that can build stuff, settle problems.”

What’s The huge Idea?

Nye is make a suggest that is bigger than creationism:In past centuries, you might afford come live her life out simply fine without believing in evolution. Today, us not just know much more about science, we have technology economy the is based upon science. As Nye point out out, advancement is basic to our understanding of the known universe. So sure, everyone has a best to believe whatever they want. However, if you reject science, girlfriend won’t succeed, and also we together a culture won’t succeed to the fullest extent.That’s why Nye states that creationism is an idea that will vanish.

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But there is still an ext at issue. The refusal of science has broad ramifications, and this idea — one might speak to it “the battle on science” — uses to various other matters top top which americans disagree. If there is a war on science, then Climate adjust and the link in between vaccinations and autism room surely several of its biggest battles.

What us have, then, is a pervasive and divisive problem that actually has actually absolute answers. No wonder the lover edu-tainer thought it worth it to take the problem on, and also no wonder the video has gathered the response that that has. After ~ all, if you refuse science, girlfriend are, in the words of the inimitable scientific research Guy, “just not going to obtain the appropriate answer; your whole world is a mystery… rather of an exciting place.”