In the at an early stage 2000s, Ashanti overcame the R&B charts v her fight songs favor “What’s Luv” and “Foolish.” The stunning songstress was signed come Irv Gotti’s Murder, Inc. Label, and her self-titled album went triple platinum, certain skyrocketing ~ above the Billboard charts.

From over there Ashanti was a family members name, often performing through her friend and label-mate, rapper JaRule. The singer and also rapper collaborated on many songs like, “Always ~ above Time” and Ja preeminence is often rapping or acting together a hypeman on her songs.

Since the pair had actually such a great deal that chemistry and also often performed together at shows and on tour, pan have constantly speculated that they had a relationship.

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Ashanti and also Irv Gotti had actually an affair

For years, there had actually been speculation the Ashanti and also Irv Gotti had an affair in ~ some allude early ~ above in her career. However, ~ the Murder, Inc. Co-founder came to be entangled in one FBI examination for accused laundering drug money prior to he was acquitted, rumors the that partnership fizzled.

On one October 2019 episode of Growing increase Hip Hop: brand-new York, Gotti, and his ex-wife, Deb Lorenzo spoke around the affair and why the document producer is no much longer on an excellent terms with countless of the artists that were as soon as signed come him.

“We to be still married, however we to be separated when they were dating,” Lorenzo revealed. Gotti has actually previously denied date Ashanti and also the singer, who is notoriously private around her personal life, has never comment on it.


Ashanti and Nelly attends the Angel sphere 2012 at Cipriani wall surface Street top top October 22, 2012 in new York City | Steve Mack/Getty Images

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Ashanti was in a irreversible relationship v Nelly

In the early on 2000s, Ashanti was in a irreversible relationship with rapper, Nelly. Though there have actually been rumors about their relationship due to the fact that 2003, neither of them confirmed it till 2008. The pair officially called it quits in 2014.

“I think occasionally when world have their very own insecurities it allows them come act out of character,” Ashanti said around their breakup in 2015 on The Meredith Vieira Show. “I’ve been betrayed. Again, girlfriend just need to grow. You have actually to prosper up and also accept duties for the points that you do. I’m not a huge fan of human being being cowards. Ns think that really crucial to know yourself and also understand what friend want and also get it. Ns in a different place right now.”

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#Ashanti shuts down rumors she ever dated #JaRule. Also recounts composing for #JLo and also how #Diddy believed a track was about her. Connect in bio for complete story.

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Ja Rule and also Ashanti never dated

Now, amid a recent Instagram Live with Fat Joe, Ashanti is speaking about all of those rumors about herself and also Ja Rule.

“It’s so crazy,” she said Fat Joe. “Our chemistry is therefore ill. I don’t know just how to describe it. We never messed through each other it never was also a point — it never came up. So, we can not see each various other for months and we’ll be at a display together and also get top top stage and also it would seem like we’d been together the entirety day. Under to sometimes, we’d be coordinated with what we were wearing.”

Though Ashanti and JaRule never ever dated, the songstress has been linked to NBA star James Harden and comedian Michael Blackson in current years, yet she has never shown or denied any kind of of those reports.