Singer Jennifer Lopez has had a stunning revolution over the decades. Her ageless beauty has actually made many fans wonder: has actually she obtained plastic surgery?

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The “On the Floor” artist has repeatedly refuse speculation that she’s unable to do under the knife to preserve her gorgeous looks. She personally clapped earlier at an Instagram user who stated she “definitely” has gotten “tons of … Botox” via Instagram in January 2021. 

“LOL, that’s simply my face!!!” the Boy following Door actress responded. “For the 500 millionth time … I have actually never excellent Botox or any injectable or surgery!! simply sayin’.”

The “Dance Again” singer continued, “Get you some JLO BEAUTY and feel beautiful in your very own skin!! and also here is one more JLO beauty, beauty secret: shot spending her time being much more positive, kind and uplifting of rather don’t spend your time trying to lug others down that will keep you youthful and beautiful, too!!! sending out you love.”

That wasn’t the very first time Jen collection the record straight on even if it is or no she’s changed her appearance. In December 2020, she explained why she’s stayed away from cosmetic procedures throughout her career. 

“I haven’t ever before had Botox to today … I’m no that person,” she told day-to-day Mail at the time. “I don’t have actually anything against people act that; it’s simply not my thing. I’m more about a natural method to skin care … but I want to work … I want the hyaluronic mountain in there. I want the things that room going to aid because i don’t desire to need to go come the needles at some point.”

The Bronx native detailed “one day” she could possibly decision to undergo a cosmetics procedure but she “ yet.”

That being said, the “If You had actually My Love” songstress admitted she’s had the possibility to tweak her challenge during one interview with Elle magazine in December 2020. 

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“I haven’t ever before had Botox come this day,” she began, recalling a time a doctor argued she start using injectables. “And said, ‘Did you recognize you have a small line ideal here? We must start Botox.’ i mean, I had actually to it is in 23 years old, right? and also I to be like, ‘I’m going come pass.’ i didn’t like needles anyway, yet the boyfriend’s like, ‘Yeah, you need to start it. I do that.’ i was like, ‘No, give thanks to you.’”

“I just wonder what would’ve occurred to me if i would’ve started Botox in ~ 23, what I would look prefer right now,” the Maid in Manhattan actress continued. “My face would be a totally different confront today.”