Kirk Herbstreit is a sports analyst for ESPN’s weekly program dubbed College GameDay and also a shade commentator because that college games on ABC and ESPN.

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On peak of that, he additionally played college football in ~ Ohio State, together with basketball and baseball.

The broadcaster functions alongside the legend college football coach Lee Corso, sports television reporter Rece Davis, former NFL player Desmond Howard, previous NFL linebacker David Pollack and analyst Maria Taylor.

Broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit

During his college football career, he served as a quarterback for the Ohio State Buckeyes and, in his an elderly year, to be the co-captain of the team and also later voted together the Most an useful Player (MVP).

His dad was additionally a co-captain in 1960, which make them the second father-son pair to serve as the co-captain that the Buckeyes.

Herbstreit was also known for his 2009 situation where he sued the Internal Revenue company (IRS) because that not following the plans of taxes deduction after donating their home to the fire department.

Before gaining into details around the player’s life, below are some quick facts around him.

Quick Facts:

Full NameKirk Edward Herbstreit
Birth DateAugust 19, 1969
Birth PlaceCenterville, Ohio
Nick NameHerbie
EducationOhio State
Father’s NameJim Herbstreit
Mother’s NameJudy Herbstreit
SiblingsTerri Holmes
Age52 year Old
Height6 ft 3 inches
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
ProfessionFormer footballer, Broadcaster
Jersey number#4 (Ohio State Buckeyes)
Current TeamNone
Active Years2007-Present
Marital StatusMarried
WifeAllison Butler
Net Worth$4 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
MerchJersey, trade Cards
Last UpdateOctober, 2021

Kirk Herbstreit | at an early stage Life, Family, and also Education

The previous footballer to be born in Centerville, Ohio, come Jim Herbstreit and also Judy Herbstreit. In school, Kirk played football, basketball, and baseball.

Moreover, his father to be a previous college footballer, so he flourished to love the sport and became an excellent at that from his father.

As a kid, he was affected by his father’s successful college soccer career. Moreover, he love watching and also listening to games.

From over there on, he went ~ above to it is in fond that commentators and also sportscasters and, in general, interested in sports.

Kirk offered as a quarterback because that the school team and, in his last year, winner the Ohio Gatorade Player of the Year.

Young Herbstreit with his father.

The sportscaster graduated high school from Centerville High School. After ~ that, he went top top to to visit Ohio State University for his college-level education.

Also, he play college soccer for four years. The former footballer graduated from Ohio v a Business management degree.

You can uncover Kirk Herbstreit’s college stats ~ above the Sports reference website.

How old is Kirk Herbstreit? Age, Height, and also Weight

Kirk Herbstreit to be born in 1969,making him52years old as of now. Moreover, he celebrates his date of birth on August 19, under the sun sign Leo.

He is one American citizen whose ethnicity belongs to white. Moreover, Kirk was standing at 6 feet 3 inches high and weighs about 65 kg (144 lbs).

Aside indigenous this, his body measurements are unknown at the moment. Besides, Herbstreit watch radiant v his short blonde hair and also a pair that blue eyes.

Kirk Herbstreit | Football and also Broadcasting Career

Football Career

After graduating from Centerville High School, that went top top to attend Ohio State University. The sporting activities analyst played together a quarterback because that the Ohio Buckeyes and accomplished a varsity letter for four years.

The commentator set the document for 28 pass completions in a game against the Michigan Wolverines in 1992 that stood because that 14 years.

Moreover, he became a co-captain because that the team in his an elderly year as his father, an assistant coach. On optimal of that, he was the Most an important Player (MVP) the the group.

Kirk In His Buckeye Jersey

Along v the team, he played in the Florida Citrus Bowl and passed because that 1,904 yards versus the Georgia Bulldogs. However, the Buckeyes shed the game.

Broadcasting Career

The previous Buckeye join the ESPN family in 1996. the covers college football v co-hosts Lee Corso, Rece Davis, David Pollack, Maria Taylor, and also Desmond Howard.

On top of that, Herbstreit is additionally a sports analyst and commentator in ABC’s Saturday university football primetime games with other ESPN broadcaster Chris Fowler.

Moreover, the is also proactively contributing his analyst an abilities to ESPN’s website and ESPN magazine. As of 2020, the former athlete is among the lead analysts in College GameDay.

He is additionally on ESPN radio 97.1 The Fan and also has contributed to Thursday Night Football together a shade commentator. On height of that, he likewise had a column in The Sporting News.

Furthermore, he has actually won two Emmy Awards in 2010 and also 2011 under the classification Outstanding sports Personality-Studio Analyst. The broadcaster was nominated in this category several times before.

Herbstreit recently damaged down in tears in an digital episode that College GameDay, where he handle the systemic racism issue deeply rooted in America.

He quoted a profound Benjamin Franklin quote and stated that nobody have to feel afraid of put on a hoodie and encouraged people to listen.

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Awards and Honors

Gatorade Player that the Year for Ohio State in the 1987-88 seasonWinner of Emmy Award for Outstanding sports Personality-Studio Analyst in the year 2010 and 2011Nominee for Emmy’s outstanding Sports Personality-Studio Analyst in the year 1998, 2006, 2007 & 2014Emmy Nominee because that Outstanding sporting activities Personality-Sports occasion Analyst in the years 2014, 2015 & 2016

Who is Kirk Herbstreit’s wife? Marriage and Kids

The Ohio resides met his wife, Allison Butler, in College, where she was a cheerleader. Soon after, they got married in 1988.

The pair invited their very first children, that were twins, namely Jake Herbstreit and Tye Herbstreit, in 2000.

Their firstborn twins play college football in ~ Clemson University for the Clemson Tigers. The duo has actually two more sons, namely Zak Herbstreit and also Chase Herbstreit.

Kirk Herbstreit family

There has actually been a the majority of rumors neighboring the faithfulness of Kirk in his marriage to Butler. During the marriage, he reportedly had actually an extramarital affair through the mam of a police officer who was Kirk’s fan.

The police officer, Jerry Dunlaw, had also asked Herbstreit to authorize his wife Tracy’s chest once.

Kirk admitted to his extramarital relationship with Tracy and expressed remorse for his actions.

Jerry divorced his mam as a result of adultery. Regardless of rumors about the couple’s separation and also divorce, castle remain really much married and together.

Recently, part reports indicated he is having actually an affair v his co-worker Erin Andrews. However, the pair has not addressed any type of rumors and allegations.

Kirk Herbstreit | IRS Case and also Leaving Ohio

In 2009, the pair sue the Internal Revenue company (IRS) after ~ it refused to deduct tax in spite of donating their residence to the fire department prior to building their dream house.

However, in 2011, the family members relocated to Nashville indigenous Ohio after harassment native Ohio State fans.

As one analyst, Herbstreit make the efforts his finest to offer an unbiased report construed by the fans together betraying his state and also former team.

Even the slightest an essential comment would set the pan off, and they would speak to him names. However, the denies that the move to Nashville was because of the overwhelming harassment.

He stated that they had actually contemplated the relocate three years prior. Nevertheless, he has actually nothing however love and warmth in his heart because that Ohio State and also the Buckeyes.

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Kirk Herbstreit | network Worth, Salary and Charity

The broadcaster’s net worth, together of 2021, is $4 million. Moreover, the player reportedly earned $2 million in salary as per his contract.

The previous athlete may have actually signed a deal that will certainly last it rotates 2022 v ESPN. His estimated yearly salary is $450 thousand.

College match me Broadcasters

On optimal of working in College GameDay, ESPN radio,, ESPN magazine, he likewise serves as an abc analyst. He owns a lavish home in Nashville, cars, and few possessions.


The quarterback likewise cares around giving earlier to the ar and proactively participates in charities. He has added to multiple charities.

In 2012, the previous athlete donated to Buckeye Cruise for Cancer to fight cancer and The do A Wish foundation Ultimate sports Auction.

Social Media Presence:

The sportscaster is on Instagram with 124 thousand followers. He shares a playful partnership with college football coach Lee Corso and also frequently shares pictures and videos v him.

Moreover, he also has Lee in his profile picture. Videos the Corso’s helmet forecast in stadiums, headgear mascot in College take care areviral.

The funny argument in between Lee and Kirk is likewise well received.

Moreover, his catchphrase, “Not therefore fast, mine friend,” typically aimed at Herbstreit, is equally popular. Besides that, he posts a lot around his job, college football, his 4 kids, and also dogs.

The previous athlete is additionally on Twitter, v 1.5 million followers. That is relatively more active on Twitter and often shares and also retweets around college football.

The former Buckeye has also used his communication to re-publishing his concern about the systemic racism and also the killing of innocent black color lives.

A current clip of that talking around racism, police brutality, and also hate regarding people of shade where the teared increase made several of his co-hosts emotional.

He requests everyone to be better, and as white civilization with privilege, listen to those negatively affected by systemic racism.

Some FAQs:

Did Kirk Herbstreit play expert football?

No, Kirk did no play professional football. Instead, his football job was restricted to Ohio State University, v the Buckeyes together a quarterback.

Why go Kirk Herbstreit relocate to Nashville?

As one analyst, Herbstreit make the efforts to give a neutral and also unbiased report on every game. Yet every time he offered his moral opinion ~ above a video game involving his alma mater, the Ohio pan would get offended and also harass him.

Even the slightest movie critic of their video game or any suggested improvements about the Ohio Buckeyes would obtain their admirers agitated and call the names such as traitor.

How long has actually Kirk Herbstreit been on GameDay?

Kirk has been on college GameDay because that over 30 year now. He join his co-hosts, Rece Davis, Lee Corso, Maria Taylor, Desmond Howard, and also David Pollack, to organize the weekly program in 1989 and also still functions there to this day.

Why go Kirk Herbstreit asking apology v Ohio State players?

During the College football Playoff nationwide Championship game broadcast, Kirk Herbstreit mixed up Wyatt Davis’s name with fellow lineman Antwuan Jackson.

Kirk wanted to make sure there were no difficult feelings between him and also Wyatt and also Antwuan, for this reason he apologized because that the mixup with the names.

What COVID impacts happened to Kirk Herbstreit?

Kirk Herbstreit mentioned during one of his interviews that he hasn’t been able to taste or smell because he tested confident for COVID-19 ago in so late December 2020. He said that he still can’t taste or smell even after 5 month of recovering indigenous COVID.

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What did Krik Herbstreit say around Dabo Swinney?

Kirk Herbstreit said that that would have actually loved to view Dabo Swinney’s reaction to hearing Alabama was in at No. 4 in the university Football Playoff rankings.