CONTROVERSIAL rocker Marilyn Manson is no stranger to allegations around him being discussed.

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But one ridiculous rumor of him having his ribs operation removed has actually plagued him because that decades. So, go Manson eliminate some the his rib cage? right here is what we know.


Marilyn Manson is well-known for shocking his audienceCredit: Getty

Did Marilyn Manson have actually his ribs removed?

The goth-rock artist, that thrives turn off shocking his audience, has been complied with by rumors he underwent the weird procedure for decades.

The invasive and frankly gruesome surgery entails an incision being made in the patient's back along the spine, before sawing the 11th and 12th "floating" ribs away.

Although the story that Manson's alleged rib removal chased him for years, he has denied having actually the cosmetics procedure.

Addressing the rumored surgery in 2019, he stated in a statement: "What civilization fail to understand is the the weird character ns play on stage is precisely that: a character.

"In genuine life, I’m simply a continuous guy—not the type of depraved weirdo that would permanently alter his own body come suck his own d**k," Clickhole reported.

The rocker's love that corsets exacerbated the rumours the his alleged rib remove surgeryCredit: Getty - Contributor

Where walk the rumor come from?

The discussion surrounding Manson's rib removal has swirled endlessly for years and was only exacerbated by his love of tight corsets he was often seen performing in.

But the original resource of the rumor seems to date back to December 27, 1994, when he was arrested after a concert for "violating the adult entertain code."





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Cops allegedly believed he had performed oral sex on a man while performing on stage - yet it turns out Jack turn off Jill vocalist, Jessicka, was supposedly wearing a prosthetic cock at the gig.

The story that the musician's on-stage antics somehow became warped right into a tale of self-pleasure, the sparked the rumors of his rib removal.

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In his autobiography The Long hard Road the end Of Hell, he additionally wrote: "If ns really acquired my ribs removed, ns would have actually been busy sucking my own d**k on The Wonder Years instead that chasing Winnie Cooper."

His Wonder Years referral was in relationship to one more untrue rumor the he starred together Paul Pfeiffer in the family-friendly 80s sitcom prior to drastically transforming his image.


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